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Productive way And had a marriage with some other town on the roster. That's that's what be booked on house shows. I didn't go like If lex luger program with ludvik borgo on television. That's what you're going to see at the house shows in some form so I didn't go all 'cause not your booking matches in house shows and expect them to sell tickets. Why the hell would that happened. Right so no. I never list like that. Maybe i should. I didn't. I didn't know that i recall. Also wanna mention the reason this. This war has heated up as again nitrous coming up head to head with monday night raw and for years and years the wbf has been so far ahead of wcw. They've lapped them twice. I mean they're not real competition but now when it feels like well damn. Tnt's a big station and they're going live every week and their head to head. It feels like okay. Maybe we do have some real competition here. Even though he hadn't been the top guy is a valuable talent. Meltzer continue the claims that after luger in wb reached their verbal deal on august thirty first lugar called mcmahon up the next day but never told him about any negotiations or informed him of anything luger continued to work. The canadian house shows through the sunday night before he showed up on the nitro in minneapolis. Lugar never called mcmahon after august thirty first and as of this past week in he still had called so he question for you on that. Yeah so meltzer. Fairly talkative events. Or lex or bruce or somebody somebody right i mean how would he know that right. He did a deep dive. Impact is shit and there. it was Yeah i I was not involved. That was the best deal and again. I wasn't in a position that affected yay or nay And i think that was. And that's why. I think it's been eventually sought people to reorganize that Talent relations department so when he went change quit against the opportunity to fix what he perceived that needs to be updated and re re re evaluate our roster and are we getting value there were paying et cetera et cetera. So that's where. I came in along with bruce. Obviously that was kind of our goal to to to make the we gotta quit re purposing. People get stopped repackaging people. That's not new people. Want do as i said they in times and we weren't giving them new. We're just gonna repackage again. That code paint h my new whole also new boots create a new finish whatever but it was still the same person and and at some point in time. Just got tag out. So let's just run through the time. Line august twenty seventh the summer slam ninety five where he's involved in the main event he's gonna do tv tapings and can't ohio on the twenty eighth and he's going to do tv tapings in erie. Pennsylvania on august twenty ninth as both for superstars on the thirtieth The companies touring through niagara falls. He's in the main event by the way tagging with shawn michaels to take on men on a mission and the next day the thirty first there in nova scotia and again luger's in the main event on the thirty first. They did double shot. There's a show in ontario another show in ontario on the first again. It's a double shot with a new brunswick the same day on the first and once again lugar is in the main event. There's a show on the second in brantford ontario on the third there in saint john's new brunswick and by the way that's going to be lex luger's very last match and once again it's the main event. The main event is the intercontinental champion. Shawn michaels taming with lex luger to take on the tag champs. Oh and and yoko and it's luger's last match because he's gonna leave new brunswick and he's gonna go to minneapolis and make debut on monday nitro so sunday night. He's with you in the main event monday night. He's on the other channel. It's pretty impressive. Little cu for eric. Bischoff and company is an yeah. Yeah it was And obviously we were unaware that lex is looking at bolting. Yeah or he. The booking would have been different. He wouldn't even book that we he certainly wouldn't have gone on last. Oh so Yeah it was pretty is a pretty good Get for eric's and the plan worked very well. It seems to me like because again when luger walked out on nitro there in minneapolis. It was a big deal. It makes fries those well. You know if that have been now it would've it would have been trending that night big time. you know. this is a big deal. More trending so anyhow. Yeah it was a well. Kept secret is a good gift for eric. A well well laid out plan that they worked to perfection. When when lex leaves i mean. Obviously he's working on the main events but did you see it as a loss. I know that that sounds really ugly. And i don't mean for it. To but bruce sort of explained on something wrestle that when he and pat see the monitor and see lex show up supposedly passes. He's their problem now or something. I could see that chat me up though did you. Did you feel like god. Damn what could have been. He slipped through our fingers. We lost him or was it. Okay now we tried everything. Conrad there was for more was her to do the lex airplane. The bus there next airplane You know i. We tried all these things and the company itself shot themselves in the foot at that summer sandwich chicago when luger at a chance to be a made man and become the champion and see what it would have done to business to tv ratings to live event ticket sales cetera etc. But we blew it.

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