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A. I'm just asking. Alright, here we go on into the power our with Mike Kruger at 7 30, So we're going to pay some love to the job of giants with the help The 93 50 giants. The very same. They just swept the cubs at Wrigley as well. Wrap up. Might as well clinch a playoff spot tonight. Might as well then swept the Cubs at Wrigley since 1995 back on my guy, Uh, back on my guy. God, Why am I blanking? I'm like one of my favorite guys. Right handed Slugger. Mark carry on their hand Doubles in the gap back in the nineties, and they score in Chicago, 15 6. And then what was, uh, Friday? How many was fun runs Friday to like 678. Would that right? And what about belt? Almost 30 runs until it was written. Cavalcanti put this on Twitter a lot, and I have to agree with him. The belt wars. Are over. We've signed the treaty. Right Cores. Those crazy bell criticize Brandon belt. Marty. Marty came out on Twitter and said, Look, I'm not trying to stir the pot prefaced it like that. But he said, Where's the conversation about belts contract? Well, that's you know, it's I know you stand by bell to He's got the glove the belt. He can do it now. The games here, it's like, you know, Remember how all divisive but Marston with belt for a long time, people forget that Brandon 66 to 1 Friday. So 66 12 and 12 and 15 is what 27 27 runs in three games. You doing that? Mathematically, Jack Black and 54 is 45. Yeah, The answer should never do map on the air. So one times 45 more than the girl was nine he goes. No, it's 89. No, that was like the one and only math run I'll ever have here, Jack Black up on the mountain Credible. The two of those guys are incredible to get a good idea. Alright. Oh, nuts like Crew co Power hour. Coming up can be are one of 45 and 6 80, these sports leader. He sees Murph and Mac extremists on knbr dot com through your smartphone or desktop. We are these sports leader. Traffic is sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Help us stop suicide. Join our virtual events at eight f sp dot org slash S. F Bay Area. From a Chilton auto body Traffic desk. Late running roadwork is slowing things down in Albany. It's eastbound 5 80 right before you get onto westbound 82 left lanes closed. And they're about two hours late now picking that closure up. It is backed up beyond Regatta Boulevard Elsewhere in the East Bay. Westbound for is a grind from Somerville Up and over the hill to Port Chicago Highway South Beyond 6 88 24 Watch out for a fender bender in the center divider. Backup to treat Boulevard San Francisco Northbound 2 80 right before one on one. Their direct blocking a couple of lane zero. That's why it's fact that the San Jose Avenue and speaking of San Jose Julian is closed at Worcester, just west of one on one due to a gas leak used Santa Clara Street. Instead, we're backed up at the foot of the maze of the Bay Bridge. This report is sponsored by in Spirit e Providing scalable HR services, employee benefits, payroll and HR technology for 30, plus years since parities mission is to help businesses succeed, so communities prosper, parity H I. That makes it if France visited disparity dot com. Alright, everybody hates Polly McMurphy. Max, You were talking to Steve Moskowitz today about this developing story that Joe Biden Steve is not planning to apparently double the number of IRS agents and employees with the hope of collecting up to $2 Trillion is all of this true said, But true, Paulie, and here's what I'm concerned about. I mean, think of how large they are now. They wanted double the personnel given new equipment and have been mandated. Go raise two trillion with a T. So my concern is you're going to have all these new people. New people are looking to prove themselves. You have the president who says you raised $2 Trillion. I'm very concerned they're going to get real heavy handed. They're going to crush people and deals were able to make now we're not going to be able to make in the future. Maybe that being the case we want to make the deals right now. Sounds like the best advice is to talk to Steve A s a P regarding this or any other tax matter. It's one triple a tax deal or visit Steve Online at Moskowitz llp dot com. Every day. Someone comes up to me and says, Amy, how amazing is Xfinity Internet? And I always say, guys I could go on and.

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