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Hoping I pray to god that no one would pull a gun out and do something yeah and and it happened Klein says he can't make decisions on emotion only evidence and he says the videos tell the story Mr garner's we know now I said I did I did what I did to defend myself and we find it we can't disprove that from the evidence that we have line breaks down the events with the videos after that push the Klein says J. Gardner showed his weapon that's what got the attention of nineteen year old Elena Melendez as soon as I hear she's like there's a gun I run over in the video you can see Melinda's grab Gardner from behind and tackle him she said she was trying to keep Gardner in the gray tee shirt from firing that weapon so in just a few moments we're gonna be speaking with the father of James Scurlock who was shot and killed tragically in the shooting in just a few minutes but that woman you just heard in that report Elena Belinda's who tackled the shooter joins us right now on the show a lady thank you so much for being here how are you how late are you there I think we I think we might have just lost a late hopefully we can get her back on the line but again kind of tracing back to this story and tracing back to what we are covering here on the show we have this bar owner that was arrested he was in jail for I believe a little over twenty four hours and then we have he's letting him go and as you just heard of the sound bites in that press conference that they let him go and he hasn't been charged with a crime I believe we have Elena Melinda is back on the line Elena can you hear me OK there do we still not have a lan I don't I think we're having some technical difficulties with our phone lines but the issue is very simple the issue is this can you leave your is this walk outside with a gun and you know protect yourself if somebody tackles you now I don't have a problem with defending yourself if somebody physically attacked you but which is what which is what happened but the question yet but that's what happened that led to that that I have a problem with and I'll explain what I have an issue with his the father should have been out there making physical contact with anybody regardless of his if his business is being threatened or or you know damaged you cannot take it in your own hands to physically assault somebody that's breaking the law even though those people were breaking the law by by damaging your property that is what law enforcement is there to do that's number one number two he's seventy years old he should have been out there to begin with and number three we got a guitar gas but number three I don't think that is an excuse for somebody to brandish a gun and go out there you're causing your you're asking for trouble but joining us right now on the line is Elena Melendez for the third temple see if she's she's on the line with Elena can you hear me OK yeah great thank you so much for coming on we appreciate it okay so explain to me this the situations that lead up to you tackling this man with a gun what do you remember what you recall and just start from square one if you can't well actually offer we parked at night you.

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