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Chuck schumer obviously making the decision in hoping that president trump will be replaced in november that he will lose the election and that There will be joe biden administration that would get to nominate replacement I know it has been reported in a us a known. I'm sorry it's not. usa. Today it's an npr article. Where i will link to this as well as an npr article where as ruth bader ginsburg was starting to decline. She had recorded some requests and one of those requests that she not be replaced until a new president. you know again being hopefully that it would be a joe biden administration got to choose a replacement democratic replacement at that so a lot of people who are now There is a you know on the steps of the court as memorial. That's being built in a lot of the signs. They respect her wishes. And that's what they're referring to. Is that audio recording where she expressed her desire to not be replaced until after the presidential election on fox. News this morning Andrew napolitano judge age napolitano discussed potential scenarios in regards to potential nomination for a replacement that was on fox news. This morning and critically important nomination would be in regards to several key. Voter issues such as The aca or more commonly known as obamacare Second amendment in of course definitely roe v wade. I'm gonna play the clip for you and then come back on the other side and discuss it a little bit further. So here is judging. Apollo judge napolitano fox news this morning. I'll be back on the other side. You know judge. Let's say the president chooses someone Someone very soon. He's already indicated that he's gonna move on this Mitch mcconnell said he's going to act on this and that all the others who are raising concerns in the republican party that maybe they talk less to the media and keep their powder dry but what if we get to election day. We still haven't decided on this then. You're into a lame duck session. I know there have been nominees approved and one or two not approved during such sessions but it gets weird. So how do you think this plays out. Well if donald trump is reelected. I don't think it matters if he nominates someone in the lame duck session. If joe biden is elected and president trump nominate somebody in the lame duck session. You'll see extraordinary pressure to prevent this vote from from coming to pass trump's a tough guy do whatever he wants to do whether it's for his reelection bid or because he really believes this person whoever she or he may be off to be on the court. But as chad said the confirmation hearings for then judge now justice cavenaugh will probably pale compared to what we can expect this time around because this is a game. Changer ruth bader ginsburg is a was a liberal progressive democrat from the liberal wing of the democratic party. If you know what i mean. President trump is going to appoint someone who will be her polar opposite that will significantly and substantially changed the outcome of five to four votes on hot button issues like obamacare second amendment and abortion. So again was judge napolitano on fox news this morning. I think he's absolutely correct. I think Whomever president trump will nominate would forever change the dynamic of the supreme court indefinitely. Move it to a more constitutionally sound institution. In my opinion. I think that with the to been able to have in you'll gorsuch and brett kavanagh that getting a third nomination and supreme court justice in the court would definitely solidify more conservative judicial moving forward which i am very much in favor of which was actually one of the driving reasons behind the two thousand sixteen election of president trump Everybody knew on the conservative side that there was a supreme court seat at least one if not two potentially three that that president would ultimately get to decide and so that was the reason why i believe a lot of voters came out because they knew presidents come and go every four years but the supreme court. That is a lifetime appointment as everybody knows. And it is vitally critical that we have people there that are making decisions based on the constitution and the rule of law. We want as conservatives. We want that to dictate what is right and wrong. And how we adjudicate issues here in the united states. We don't want a proliferates feelings. That are in constant flux to rule the day we want fact we want law we want the constitution to dictate right and wrong so i find interesting In judge napolitano's absolutely right. It will be historic change to the court should trump people to get his nomination not only nominated but through the confirmation process as well and you know it is going to be a show for those of us who can't get enough of politics and for us. It is a blood sport. Youth thought the confirmation of justice. Cavanaugh was ruthless. You've seen nothing yet. should president trump making nomination this week which i believe he will and that he should and they are able to get confirmed regardless of what happens on november third very historic moment and The left are going to pull out all the stops in order to try and prevent that from happening. But it's not only democrats. Senator susan collins of maine who's a republican and also senator lisa mccaskey's republican of alaska They both have expressed their objection to the idea of possibly voting on a replacement for the supreme court before the election They both expressed that in new york. Times article published yesterday which i will link in the description as well So i found that interesting that they are already coming out. You know as well as saying they likely would not now keep in mind if they lose three republican votes. I believe it's three If they lose two republicans. And we've already down to their able to convince another one looking You know certain individuals. We would a mitt romney being one of them potentially have to go to a split decision and where The vice president would make the final decision on that unless it shifted to where more republicans decided not to vote in stained from that which would be a problem. i hope that the republicans pulled together and unanimous unanimously. Vote to confirm a supreme court justice That is nominated by president trump.

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