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Julio Rodriguez with temperatures on the rise stingrays are swimming closer to shore posing another risk to beachgoers in central sections so that's. The area Venice Santa, Monica will. Rogers we've had about ten Stingray calls he. Says beachgoers should shuffle their feet. When getting into the water which tends to scare away stingrays and check, in with a lifeguard to see word safe to swim Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio L. a. police say street racing was to blame for a deadly crash over the weekend and they're looking for another driver. Man was killed when the SUV he was in was hit by a car on central and south LA authorities say the two racing cars were. Going at least mighty a woman the SUV critically injured the. Driver the one car that did crash is in the hospital boxes of Ritz crackers are being pulled from grocery store shelves because of concerns about. Their ingredients more than a dozen rich cracker products have been recalled due to a. Possible salmonella contamination the New Jersey based company is recalled sixteen products at all including rich, cheese crackers sandwiches and Ritz bits cheese because. The way powder used could contain, salmonella says the company though it says it's. Received no reports of people, getting sick it's asking. Anyone who may have them to. Throw them, away that piper CBS news some concern about some of, these tech going online at some schools in upstate New York facial recognition technology in schools could be the start of a trend as More institutions wary of shootings consider it just last week a, Seattle company began offering, a, free version of.

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