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He said things about players certain players that are just been shocking in the past. I wish i had a better sample. Dennis dot is absolutely garbage. Terrible human being but the character he chooses to play with his columnist role is a joke. Yeah he seems like a dying breed a little bit though. Yeah i would say so like. I don't think there's gonna be a dentist odds in ten years because the guy who goes after players coaches fans in college football with the sarcastic pin has been replaced with the guy who goes after him once casting microphone. I dennis daughter the future. I think we can all agree with that. Oh you know what he said. Dennis dot i remember this now. He got mad at bryce love. Yes for going to class media day yes and price love with someone who i think bryce loves on path to become a neurologist now he bryce love went to stanford and i remember this. I'm just on awful announcing right. Now and dennis dodd blasted i remember. That's like specifically. Yeah he he took bryce love to task because bryce love skipped media day said he wasn't being a leader because the guy stayed away from fucking forty year old sports writers to go to class. You dumb fuck yes. That was one of them. He's got like dozens. This guy's an asshole an asshole and that one's not a thing. I don't know what that is all right. That was like a joke. That was one of my worst guys. Do you have a bad guy. My worst guys are as i was gonna leave it to you because i think i don't always do this. Why you the heart and soul lamb the heart and soul. But i i gotta. I gotta complain for a second. I got to complain all right. I'll complain before you complain. Why don't you let us know what you want us to do. Frater than fifteen minutes before the podcast so we can prep so we can prep to you then and then if we come up to you earlier in the day we then you know i gotta things to do and you do. Don't you do a lot of things day. But it's hard for us to. That's why we just kind of leave it to you because that's how you work. Well what about last week in hate week and hey we have just become brennan walker roasted everybody and then everybody else really wanted. You want us to be done some. Hey y'all come down. Some hate rule. I had some. Hey i don't hate island west. Virginia i was on the only people by myself you you want to talk about. It always said on the show last week jack. We said you mean you will come up with our hatred lists and when we say on show last week. I don't want to take somebody from you can tell okay i this time. Last year everybody in media was in media it was all media but college football media for some reason. I saw this with hockey media to decided that they were going to be like epidemiologists and become like the the people that we're gonna decide whether cova good bad what you're gonna do college football being played and i mean the guys who led it. Dan walkin whatnot like it became an infectious disease expert. It almost feels like sometimes with are with him. stewart mandel. it's like they don't even like college football anymore. And the weird thing is i think i can relate with it a little bit because when you come into the industry you like something and i could see how being somebody like a dan. Wilkins or stewart mandel. It becomes a job to you. It doesn't become like that lov college football football and they've been around for three decades four decades maybe. I don't think they're that old. But like that's and i could see how it happens and then it just becomes like this thing where it's politics rains over your love of college football and then these fans match you. They're like all and then you look at them as like deranged because you don't even remember being fan their name naming their. I have notes. So i have the cova crew. Dan will mandel cova crew of guys who valued their own opinions over the experts. They actually were able to drive a college football season. They were able to place their own delicate feelings about how they should be. Perceived looking at covert above the interest of the athletes and the coaches. They pretend to cover they were able to put their own self importance and how they wanted to be perceived above actually doing real journalism which they stopped doing. Dan wilkins was number one. Dan welcome to somebody that absolutely. If you follow his twitter you cannot be convinced. That man likes costs ball or the people that follow it. He is full of disdain full of hatred full of absolute sarcastic asshole to everybody that covers cut the lights college football. He feels like he's above it and you're beneath him and that's the worst journalists and frankly that's the type journalists that is most prevalent in this society today whether they're in politics where their movies where they're usa whether they're in college football journalists believe they are better than you. Dan woken believed that. That's why this country's in fucked up shape because we don't trust anybody that thinks they're better than us that felt good. You know what you guys are right to let me do it. Because i'm brandon fucking walker. All right i got dan walkin as part of the cova crew. He's the leader. Bruce feldman was on the covert crew. He was bruce. Remind bruce feldman out on the right word he wanted. He was next on my list. Pat forty had this vendetta against yukon. Because you can't get rid of their. Their swimming team and his son was a swimming swimmer. Ones you gone. Had thirty two varsity sports when they cut eight during covert thirty. Two's more than most powerful programs..

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