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Komo news one thousand and FM ninety seven seven from ABC news. This is perspective. Also, look at the week's top stories of the stories. You may have missed. I'm Sherry Preston. Coming up what to expect from the economy in the months ahead. First this week. The Justice department issued a final ruling banning bump stocks on guns. Amending current legislation surrounding the devices they're now considered illegal last October. Fifty eight people were killed and hundreds injured at that concert in Las Vegas for a months long investigation. Officials are piecing together. What happened that night ABC's? Juju Chang has the latest on their investigation at first all we knew what we saw captured on cell phones. But after a ten month long investigation by law enforcement in coordination with MGM using surveillance cameras body cameras and a three D model. We can now present one of the most comprehensive use of a mass shooting. Advert, exposing gaps in her sister and showing the respond. September twenty fifth two thousand seventeen security camera footage capture. Stephen paddock arriving at the Mandalay bay resort and casino six days before these tack. He's a high roller a regular at the hotel checks into a suite on the thirty second floor, and he's given the VIP treatment allowed to bring his luggage up through a service elevator over the course of his stay. He makes several trips to his house and mosquito Nevada and brings in case after case after case of luggage, Twenty-one suitcases in all full of guns and ammunition. The investigation shows.

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