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Jamie, Tory, President Trump discussed on Atlanta's Morning News


Move the Republican National Convention out of Charlotte unless the governor guarantees no limit on capacity vice president pence suggests on fox Georgia could be an alternate site there are states around the country we think of Texas we think of Florida Georgia the last two states I visited last week that it made a tremendous progress on reopening convention scheduled for late August secretary of state Brad reference burgers urging voters to send in their completed absentee ballots nearly a million voters have yet to melamed reference Berger says he wants the balance off the kitchen table and back at county election offices the primaries two weeks from today Robbins Berger wants to limit lines because the corona virus threats democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden gets out of the house in Wilmington Delaware for the first time since March Biden and his wife went to a veteran's memorial yesterday to mark Memorial Day fighting has been at home doing TV and radio interviews for weeks with a twenty twenty campaign on hold because of the virus outbreak of the espys Jamie decreases Biden wore a mask president trump does not have your governor Andrew Cuomo says Westchester county's ready to reopen but new Rochelle resident Tory clocks worried obvious I want things so we want things but safely we don't want another outbreak talking we don't want people's lives at stake for opening something up too soon she belongs to the synagogue that led to the first outbreak in New York after sick member infected dozens of others.

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