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Up all those stats because you are clearly you clearly prepared more for this podcast than I did because I had no stats for a reelection, but yeah, 7% of the room feels like it's just not going to cut it for that prototype of player. If you're going to be that alpha score or even that number two to Elena delle donne when she's healthy and you're not a three level score if you're not scoring at the rim. That's one of the levels so yeah, that's a good point. Yeah, so and also it just opens up everything, right? Like as soon as she gets down there, there's going to be passing opportunities, especially if when this team is fully healthy, their shooters all around there. And then there's everyone that can get downhill. You have cloud. You have Heinz Allen. We'll see if how healthy a landel done is to see how healthy Elise Clark is, but an ideal world of everything goes, well, it'll be 5 out. Everyone gets their own finish. I think Ariel's gonna be really pushing that. So yeah, I'm glad I'm glad you picked her too. Because I feel like she, I don't think she gets overlooked, but she doesn't get talked about as much just because she's kind of more quiet. Especially with the way the seasons have gone for the mystics since the championship, I think she hasn't quite gotten enough credit for the development that she's had. No, I agree. I think this might be the year where she finally starts getting talked about in that way. Yeah, and shouts to RiRi, though. Did you have you seen any ruby highlights? I've seen a couple, yeah, not enough. This is a lot more tonight, but I'm excited. She like, I think she's gonna have a if I had to pick, I wish this was a prop. If I had to, if I had a prop bet, I'd say she's going to have one travel. Today. Just because 0.5 travels. Over 0.5. Over 0.5. I think she'll have one because there's just like times where so she's brilliant. She was like a brilliant basketball player, but she sees things like ahead of her teammates and she can't communicate with them. Because she doesn't speak English, so it's like, she was like, oh, go there, and then my giants island that has no idea what she wanted her to do, so it's like, oh, travel. So it happens sometimes, but I'm excited for, I'm excited for Ariel. I hope this team is healthy just for the love of God, the love of God. Please make the selfie, please. Definitely. Do you want to go on? Do you want to go into our next one? Or do you want to do you have anything else in the mystics? No, let's go on. Let's take the next one. All right, my next one is dewanna bonner. In Connecticut. I had a couple of choices on Connecticut. I just think Connecticut's fascinating. This is the first time we're going to see bonner with the full strength sun for the entire season. Obviously we saw that team together for four games last year. Four games where they lost to the Chicago sky in the semifinals. So things did not go great in that very small sample size. This team should fit together but I think someone's going to have to change. Someone needs to sacrifice because you have a list of Thomas. You have John quill Jones and you have to want to honor. You could say, hey, Jasmine Thomas, Brianna Jones, you two sacrifice, but they don't really have high usage to begin with. So that's not where you're getting it from. Bonner's usage in Connecticut both seasons has been very high. I mean, it was 27.3% in 2020, 23.9%, 2021. Her shooting dipped a little bit last year, but went up from three, so it's just like, you know, we've seen her be a perfect option when she a perfect third option in a Phoenix with griner and with Tracy. Which was great. But can she can she be that player in an efficient role again? Does she want to be that player and then the fishing role again? Where does she see herself in the hierarchy of this team? Is that going to, how does Kirk and manage all that? I think of Courtney Williams coming off the bench and it's like, well, a lot of bonners production in the past couple of years have been running with bench units and keeping those units afloat offensively. So now you're kind of taking that a little bit away from her too, so it's like, how do you get her enough touches so that she is being productive and can she be more efficient so that she doesn't need as many touches. So that's why I think bonner is really, really interesting. I think she'll have a huge part to play in the title race this year. Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, she was the third.

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