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The. Wow. Okay. So clearly there's some link there and not full blown like cream session. Yeah. Goes from a blessing the house less the house. Why she we actually? Office is the next system. Fluence doll instead of the intricate in child's by kind of just influencing kidding. So why psychologically? The Dole's trying to possess. This always sniffing thinking always saying this combination of nothing the exit. All we gotta get open vibes with this. Whereas creepy child. Yeah. Two. All gone blessing this house, eight powers. Eagles hope by good day eagles from an eight year old is terrified. Dole Jessica's goes to bed the dull mysteriously disappears. I love this. Because this is creepy. Never put a dollar a rocking chair. Right. It's fucking creepy. As it is don't put out a rocky chair like rock as Dole's rocky thing. And then suddenly, you know, Jessica gets up from bed and the doll space. And while this is this actually genuinely creepy sequence yet. Because Where'd you do running feet? Toity? That was from threat from tells played one hundred percent. Yeah. That three before you get there. Big reveal of tricky is just a little. It may be both love really really creeped out because it's like. Three creepy. But this thing the dole dolts actually play dole had adult. Double would you actually sort of played by several swipe by some famous people, but it stumped by Ed. Gale who also was the body double checking. Yeah. So basically that's at gales career is play dull duplicates what a career and the guy dolls creepy. I'm yvette. One of the put on the resume C Ed dressed tidy go shoes. That scary. It's scary creepy. In adults drafts. All these off. Quake? She's just nipping out for. Wall. Gonna dull Bill pace. Gree. Dollies all your friend Dolly's play hide and seek with a butcher knife hiking from the ceiling waiting to strike. Babe. I know I know you're young. But you should also be that dumb. If you think that those left and something wrong with it. I knew should not try and chase it down. I don't have the mind works. When you I I don't know whether you'd think he was exciting in kind of wouldn't take it. You wouldn't think oh dot com happen noon about it logically true thinking just are that they're all going dull. Thing. Right. If he was seven right on subtly action men came to life at once. Would you think it was also a would you think it was terrifying thing you've ever think scanned by? This to you. I will join the commentary, but would you what would you would you be more curious creeped out because that's a child do toil was alive. Would you be like, oh, how toys alive or would you about toy the live run? I think it depends. What kind of kind of a kid you all because I had when I was little had a lot of friends and one was called silly Bill, and he live live on the side of the half. I used to play with silly Bill. And like, I think if that kind of kid, you got creative mind in a way, I think if you will be came alive. I think you would you would treat it like imagine friend. Yes, it's like made us was happening with her. It's a magic friends, I high Dolly, it's like physical sort of form of magic friend. Yeah. Because I when I was a kid. I don't I actually do not remember I had imaginary friends. My did have. A lot of cuddly toys, I used to talk to the cuddly toys, it was one cuddly toy which I loved which was a giant teddy bath. Right. I went and when you hooked Tony Hawkes would like top and goes, I love you write stuff, right? I need to talk to everything else hug it so hard one time the head popped off. Fuck. I did I love Disney terrified. Grab

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