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And and and to know that joe dimaggio had more runs and strike outs his whole career outlines i saw this is going way back it was nineteen thirty or something there was like five thousand hits and a thousand strikeouts so everybody was basically putting the ball in play now it's swing through to swing into this shift swing swing for the home runs don't do the little things too and that's why when when i don't know if you saw didi gregorius gets up and drops a bunt down because the shift was on i'm like oh my god smartness here i tell you i wish he was on our team you know he's a great she's like a throwback played great and then another stat and anki far beach and i'm a mets fan so i don't like talking about but no after eleven games they've they scored sixty nine runs and they've only allowed twenty i mean they keep doing that they're gonna win go break beijing all kinds of records yeah real quick tough tough loss you know the mets starter eleven to one hundred six nine so you know ups and downs but you know i i freeze right now the mets are in first place seventeen ten storm clouds in needed a catcher i mean this is unbelievable bad there and i know that john on the growth he got hurt by i heard that the mets are trying to get how do we renew oh yeah okay yeah yeah i heard on the mets pre game show on the radio and starts talking on miami but is asking for trade was area them.

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