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The election, the government Parties and so forth. Let's go to John in West Roxbury on the ring Central line, John Welcome You're on WBZ. Jordan Boy, John. Very well. Happy New Year. In his safe you, Jered and You know, so I, you know, I'm a guy. I grew up in Boston. I grew up. So I'm gonna be 59 years old. This month went up in the middle of bussing. And you know, I You know, the very Post affinity year. Right? Yeah, it so I want just make the comment on on. You're Supposition that Pamela Harris by the Plagiarized my king. And By the time I was seven years old. Uh, I could have probably reset of you. Kennedy's inauguration address. Uh huh. And Bobby Bobby Bobby Kennedy's response and Indianapolis Do you know Martin? Loose change, Jeff. Yeah. Uh, Yeah, so very pointy things being an Irish American, right? But that that were, uh Hold to me a lot. That that maybe Kamala Harris is parents. Uh, You know, uh Read him in her mouth. Well, I'm listen. I'm just saying this room that this is an allegation of plagiarism. And the only reason I brought it up is because Uh, we live in an era where people are very suspicious of those kinds of things. When you can see the sea, the words of print. I will say this. I don't remember what I said did or was or were where I was when I was three years old. You're very, uh, Uh, No, but I mean, I don't remember what I do You remember saying anything, or being a sort of sensitized to where you were when you were three or four? It's really tough for me to remember. I do. You know, like our so I Really? I do. You do such a It's such a tumultuous time. So I'm the youngest of six kids, right? I was born in 1962. You know, my No, I was seven years old and my my oldest sister's, uh, Fiance, uh, was okay in Vietnam s O it Z. You remember certain, you know, It's nothing. I remember them exactly it Zed. You remember them emotionally? No, You're absolutely right. I mean, I'm a little I'm a little remember those moments that you're That you know, and I could see No, I Uh, but I could tell you some great stories, but You know, so I was Not your average kid from West Roxbury or wasn't Dale Dorchester When bussing started, I was kind of the anti No. Ah! Uh, What Look at the kid's face. And said. There's a kid who's really hurt. Because people are calling him names. Right, And so I just don't know. But like I said, you know, because I was an Irish, you know? Ah! Like I said that I could almost free site you, Bobby Kennedy speak. No, no, you You just let me let me interject for seconds. Yeah, I was. I was. I'm a little older than you. Not much, but I was When Kennedy was shot in 1963. I was five years old. Yeah, 5, 5.5. And I do recall what happened. You know, the watching the TV and the black and white funeral And I remember all of that. But I don't remember. I'm just being honest. I don't remember everybody else around you right? But I don't remember ever being asked anything and responding with a particular word and make that's very likely to could have happened. Absolutely. I'm just saying in this day and age politicians, we have to take them for what they are. They're professional itself with the greatest salt. And listen Lily here that you know, and, uh You know. Listen, Jordan, you know, I you know, my my brother was a classmate of dance. It's Latin school. Oh, is that right? Okay. Yeah, you know, so Ah! I know this is what I like Most in. I like to analyze it. I liked it that he gets out front and I like you a lot, too. I look, you know, I've been listening. You know, I go back way back to the days..

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