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Because he did colin hanks here on the rich eisen show and put a full button on this. As to why. We're discussing this right now. Prior to game one of the stanley cup final tonight Between the lightning. Trying to repeat and the montreal canadian is a canadian team. Not just montreal. A canadian team has not won the stanley cup since that nineteen ninety three championship. That is correct. And that is why actually be of marty. Mcsorley has now become the actual curse of the the the the dominion of canada. The nation of canada. Because not only has no team won But you know the the. The number of canadian teams have actually gone. The percentage of canadian teams. I should say has gone down within the league in nineteen ninety-three. They were thirty three percent of the league. Now they're down to twenty three percent of the league and not a single one of them has been able to win the stanley cup. Since nineteen ninety-three. The canadian correct not the canadians eighty at the end so This might be the most important question of this interview. Colin and maybe the most important question i've ever asked you because it's a crucial one and it also looks into the window of your soul. Colin hanks because i'm a sagittarius and never on sundays outside of all that since nineteen ninety-three become a well rounded man colin. You're you got married. You have children You have a terrific career acting. You've got more now than you had in nineteen ninety-three. Are you still rooting for the lightning to keep this canadian curse going colin. Hanks all these years later. How much spike you have in your system. Because i want to say yes of course. Let's keep this curse going there. There is part of me that that that that loves it because this is one of my favorite stories. I wanted to thirty for thirty about this. There's just something about this. All of the conspiracy theories the ends and now it's all of the simple facts about it. I find just just completely enthralling but at the same time i do love canada. I am an adoptive son of canada. Anything canada In record time. I can name almost all of the cfl teams. I indeed love molson's and labatt But i gotta say. I think i'm rooting for For the haves and only because of young tyler toffoli former los angeles anger for The canadian okay. And plus you have gone to grey cup. Final find a great apply with martin short correct canadian son martin. Short i mean so your your credentials are ironclad. That's a hundred percent. French canadian You a i. I'd just love canada. Sure they're great people. Anybody who says. I've seen a fifty five yard line with martin short. I think it can can just doesn't you've done it off. That's a mic drop at rooting for a rouge. But i didn't get one. That's a two point. Oh right when you punch something in the end zone ball goes in the end zone. Then what they think so. I think if someone could just the digital fireplace off would be greatly appreciate colin. Hanks here on the rich eisen show. Before i let you go. How about your san francisco. Giants colin i fifty wins five. I'm so excited. I'm seeing them tomorrow night. Job as ravine the doors. I am just enjoying this ride. I don't know how long it lasts but man. This is exciting baseball. I don't know if you're aware. Are you aware of what tomorrow. Tuesday night is a chevette. Ravine oh no. What is it is. Max muncie go. Get it out of the ocean. Bobblehead night where it's him pointing at Pointing him at the bay where he he landed in. Mccovey cove off of Madison bumgarner years ago and pointed saint. Go get out of the ocean. That's what that's so you're gonna. I don't know what you're going to do with this bobblehead. Where they referring to three championships. Less than no i. Don't i don't think they were nope. He's referring to the baseball. That had mad about baseball. Just that one baseball. I mean we hit him into the bay all the time. So you'll be there tomorrow night very tomorrow night. I'll be behind home plate. Oh wave to you all. Will you tug on your ear. Carol burnett style or something or like every pitch And before i let you go. How is the the offer doing. You're you're you are in the Show that is about the making of the godfather correct there has never been a limited series that Men are more interested in then the making of the gods. Yes and we're honestly we're actually just starting we start. We start rehearsals This evening chilies. but no. I'm really excited. You know it's it's a limited series is going to be on paramount. Plus it's all about the making of the godfather of film that Pretty much every. Dad loves and adores And it's gonna be really fascinating. Dexter fletcher is an old friend of mine from band of brothers. He's directing it He's a great guy very very talented dude. And we've got an incredible casta Playing a really really interesting group of characters and it's actually a really fascinating Insight into the miracles it requires to just make a movie now mine make make a classic one your it should be exciting and your role in. It is what again you told them. Playing an amalgamation of every single person. That didn't think the godfathers made so you're that guy. You're a compilation of that guy. I'm compilation of everyone's said that's a horrible idea. But said it with a smile so wrong side of his completely made up..

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