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Will it gets you donate five thousand dollars to a charity of choice? So a very good. 'cause here here we go kiva week nine picks. This is not what the spread give me the chiefs at the Browns to win a lot of turmoil with Cleveland me the patriots of versus the Packers. Although I do like that the Packers like got rid of a bunch of people that screwed up. So I sort of like I like when teams do that. Do you follow the philosophy of podcasts? Like if I mess up the separate. You're going trade me to the Browns. I feel like that. If you were like really screwed up a podcast, and then, you know, I, you know, we parted ways. And then I brought it on a new co host. I felt that next podcast will have a lot of juice, really fired. I well who you replace me with I. I go get-go. Through the rabbit hole. But then you're next podcast would be a revenge podcast. Yes. Literally, the TV show revenge. Yes. More on the second. Then the Vikings think them against the lions who traded away golden Tate. That's. That wasn't like he screwed up. That's just like, hey, why be get rid of golden Tate? And then give me the Texans who have Damaris Thomas against the Broncos. Oh my God. A revenge game immediately. Do like it seems like that happens a lot where a player gets traded and has to immediately play his old team back in the seventy eight trade someone in the middle of a double enter, and they just switched always heard stories like that didn't pick against the bears. I mean the union pick the bears against the bills. No, that's my lock of the week. Okay. Bears for a second week in the row. Unfortunately last week, you I have to pick them as the lock of which I was rewarded for for with that. I mean, you'll be punished when you go to hell for picking your favorite awarded in this world. Everybody knows never never picked Todd Bowles jets on the road. Everybody else that. All right. So here we go bet online dot AG. Of course, they are the sponsor of the pike has one sports net challenge. Of course. Because I went five five last week. They will be giving one hundred dollars credits to five of our listeners. Just use the hashtag.

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