Time Magazine, Sturge Chichaou, Rape discussed on Global News Podcast


On the front of time magazine behind the barbed wire he is no seeing a ham and cheese sandwich radko mladic in court sturge chichaou says he was removed and in the end the survivors here have told me this shows that he will go down in history they hope as a coward who ultimately couldn't face up to those crimes in the charge sheet was so extensive it would be impossible for the judge to resign as all of those crimes he was convicted of indeed the rape of women and of girls he talks about one occasion i'm one of the sar of bosnian serb soldiers came up to ratko mladic she had a young girl with him and he said oh is this one of your bosniak girls so he knew about the crimes he commission to these crimes he was there giving orders he thought about the seige of sarajevo saying he was directing his gutters to targets the muslim neighbourhoods but really the sticking points one of the survivors just told me is that he wasn't found guilty of genocide in the mid instead policies so only in srebrenik said the fact he's been sentenced to life that's the biggest sentence this course can hand down so there's definitely as much as there can be a feeling of victory for these victims today on a loot you're one of the bridge over one of those killed the bulls wilted woman our rooms hutu earlier spoke to the bbc she lost her two sons and husbands in the warren she felt life imprisonment wasn't enough liberal buffoon.

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