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The high temp ninety two it's eighty degrees and news radio WFLA appall county students facing a battery charge after a violent locker room attack against a twelve year old student at Blake academy in Lakeland cellphone video of the slug fest has gone viral the attackers being suspended for at least ten days in Lakeland police captain Steve the Czecho tells news channel late what comes next after the investigations over sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the safety of the child the school district investigating why the teacher was not watching over the students when the attack began the attorneys for the parkland school shooter are in court this morning trying to get the lead attorney removed from the case Nicholas Cruz's defense team says Broward state attorney Michael sat should be removed from the case for refusing to reconsider the death penalty and because they claim he called cruise evil worse than Ted Bundy defense attorney mark Igor says the request is a long shot I have to be an opinion that everyone shares or the defense life but that's his opinion that doesn't get you thrown off the case trial is tentatively set for January at issue is not whether he's guilty cruise has confessed to killing seventeen people the question is does he live or die his attorneys of offered a guilty plea in exchange for life without parole but only if prosecutors seek the death penalty off the table when the worst men Miami. sky way ten K. race officials announced that the popular six and a half mile run over the sunshine skyway bridge will take place on March first of twenty twenty officials say a lottery registration process will be used and to participate you have to sign up between October third and the twentieth winners will be notified the next day that's a major change we're doing.

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