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Daily calorific intake that they have by 50 percent fifty percent the papers as that's fueling the obesity crisis with men according to the office of national statistics routinely believing that they have eaten a thousand fewer calories than they actually have and the paper quotes tam fry of the national ability forum with some pretty blunt analysis about white people live when it comes to food they wish not to be taken for slobs even though they may be just that it is now thirty minute is to seven and letters gave you our puzzle for today it's been set by the university of cambridge is in rich project and yet it is today i noticed that the odometer or my car showed five thousand nine hundred nall do that again here fifty nine thousand eight in sixty five miles in other words five nine eight six five miles which reads the same whether i look at it the right way up or upside down i bought the car secondhand with thirty thousand miles on the clock how many times since then has this occurred networks that through the paper upside down yeah fascinating north that grows at a wider and deeper question there is also his they're they're really is thirty minutes the seventh time ox fans published its internal report into what happened in haiti in 2011 when it five people for sexual misconduct james lando as our diplomatic chorus bonded and it some uh what is more detail than we've seen before isn't it jesuit we don't see names in it yeah that's right when we get as a bit more grenier detail about what the seven men who left the organisation lifter worked oxfam in haiti in 2011 what would they want they went for one was dismissed in three resigned accused of using prostitutes on oxfam premises two more were dismissed for bullying and intimidation one.

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