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Well, that's pretty well. Hey, you know, we're we're running out of time here. So I want to get to a couple of questions. One is all this to couple things one. You talk about focus, you're dealing with basically kids who are going through puberty, you know, and you talk about focused. I mean, how difficult is it? And do you ever lose a kid to burn out? And do you ever lose a kid to like, you know, why aren't you focus? I can't stop thinking about boobs like, you know. I mean, like this is what you're dealing with. You're dealing with kids. I mean, how do you? How do you make that work? Yeah. So that's a very good question. And don't. Something that has that I've always done. When built my team says tried to balance personality inbounds ages, and I think that is incredibly important to make things work. So for example in the team where took in caps he was sixteen when I wrote the contract with them. It was seventeen when he came to Berlin. But also matched him with people that were twenty four twenty five. And made sure that the team as a whole had more maturity mixed with the lesser maturity. So that obviously he will he will get to pick up more from the bigger guys. But when these guys are in season, you have one off day a week at most and on that off-day, you're very highly encouraged to to play as much as you can it's not like it's not like, so many other things are going to be on their mind. And if there is than they're not gonna just be able to perform so so if you're not cut out for you're not cut out for the that's the same in full or anything any sport. Oh, okay. Many a cold chosen very good answer. I gotta ask one more question before we run out of time. Here's the deal, man. Everybody on who's listening right now. Once though this one question how much money can I expect to make as a pro gamer? Okay. So in Europe, you're you can probably look at that ten thousand euros plus per month Eastleigh all easily and in America, you can double that easily with the current situation. His search guys making twenty thousand dollars a month plan videos, and that's and that's a baseline for the for the for the for the best players. Yeah. That is status a baseline. And then you have extras with personal sponsorships people being red bull athletes, which is a bunch of them you have funds just sponsorships and an extra extra extra. That's just a base salary level. Well, I gotta tell you something right now. Nico I have to go home and apologize to my son and allow him to kick me square in the ass because he came to me two years ago, and he was eleven at the time. His I hey, dad, I wanna I wanna be a pro gamer, and I said, you get the hell out of my house. So eleven I wouldn't recommend it either. So I if I can end with something always tell people as long as you can keep good grades as long as you can stay in good shape and behave accordingly and at the same time, you're able to become a very good player. Then sure maybe you can go for it. But if you're not able to maintain your life at the same time while you're doing this don't go for it because it's incredibly hard at it. Requires incredible amounts of time and it requires incredible amounts. So look, wow. So don't give up the rest of your life to just try to become a professional gamer. We'll look at this guy, man. How old are you? Can I join you look like, you're okay, you're twenty six. Okay. But you look like you're nineteen. But it's it's great to hear the story coming out of this person. Yeah. I'm for that. And the F success for the team. Where does he sports go from way, you are? Now, I mean be I mean, I know the big soaking the big football teams in Europe have their own sports teams when they come on board. You won the wauconda direction. It takes you're close to the ground. What's where's it headed? Yes. I'm very glad you said that because I was going to mention Shoka. Yes. There's legal team..

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