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Four to two Scott Kingery three run home run Phillies up on the Diamondbacks. Afford, and nothing while the Rangers and Red Sox, or even run a p Zander Bogart's his thirteenth homerun. Former Red Sox star David Ortiz took his first steps following his second surgery after he arrived Boston. Monday night, he was shot at a club in his native Dominican Republic underwent emergency surgery to repair damage done by the bullet took both intestines and his liver and the Oakland Raiders have been selected to appear on HBO's horrid knocks this summer. Hey guys, join us Wednesday. We'll be joined by Diesen Mero. Plus the best two words in sports. Game seven that's Wednesday. On the Dale Evans are Joe in eastern on ESPN radio. Under the hood. With jonathan. Process. He throws the ball. Under the hood behind the scenes, nobody really sees. Jonathan who is. This is the hind the scene there under the hood. Jonathan who is. Wiscon-. Twenty touchdown hood with Jonathan who is the man, weeknights on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app. Live from Chicago. This is under the hood with Jonathan hood.

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