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Like I had muscles opened it up in. No ma'am it's to me now. I had Think it was a friday oysters. When i was in louisiana and not a fan however prepared on remember chris i love all those actually just had muscles the other day actually like yesterday for lunch so i love that shit. That shit's awesome so yeah it is. I had muscles in a curry sauce at indian restaurant. Shits hell you book you monkey little girls any bills. Have any food thing they to bring up before we wrap speaking of crawfish. This is all going so our guys joe chris. There's crawfish restaurant where stromboli is used to be any further where the smoke house is going. I'm going go. let's go down. Gimme another week and a half and act. We all go. That doesn't mean you're events. I never said invincible. But we can all go. I mean you're more invincible than i am over here with. Jay got to g j night as long as you don't have side effects you're good bye. Monkey love you know. And i mean it's it's only like fifty percent effective so i'm the one that's most at risk to still get get covid. Though it will be a mild form of that we can order it and eat at joe's now safer i'm the one that's most rinsed. They'll get covid. That's okay you stay in washington. John can hang out with worshiping tin. I got an idea john. You can hang out with us and we'll send you to order everything. Just i'd wear masks stay. No no you're going. Eat through a mask. He has with a straw. These curbing to she's machinegun. Her mom risky That wraps up the more you know this week at no better in our food preferences weird oddities with food foods catch up on hot dogs yes one stake fuck you could. Shit joe ed's this are still the same topic. Has anybody tried any of the new challenges I'm i'm talking about like the nacho cheese and you dip a snickers in it haven't tried to try i know. Yeah so there's a bunch of different challenges like flaming hot cheetos with milk. I did stat one like a bowl of cereal. Yeah yeah so. There's like doing that. During the nacho cheese with snickers and there's another one with natella in tuna lord it sounds disgusting but there's people that have tried it that said it's very very good..

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