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And I wanted to mention something before we get started because this was so just insane to me after all of you that that that were, sort of following as. I've. Talked about over the, last several years the Bundy. Case berry interesting you, know when they I went to. Trial from the bunkerville but that was when the FBI. Came in and, they were trying to take, all of the bundy's cows, okay and the government was was doing this. In Nevada and they saw the FBI pushing people to the ground and, they they, saw, them all tacked up and ready to shoot at these protesters, who by the way weren't even armed they were they were just on some of them on horseback on just standing there to protect the cows from, the agents trying to come in, and take them and they were killing them and the. Cows they were doing all kinds of stuff and so people started. Coming from other states and they started coming in to, try and help. This family just like anyone would right that's a good American hearted American well that ended up in trial and the bundy's one and they won they won because they actually went to court and proved that the, agents involved that the. State. That the b. m. Bail there was so much collusion so much lying that even though the state wins. Ninety seven percent of their cases they, absolutely one hundred percent lost this case and with prejudice which makes it even worse for the state that. They. That they they actually prevailed okay because there was, so much lying in collusion going on well I just wanted to, know that when they went back to the same judge the government went back to the same, judge on our, tax time. Yeah just remember that they went back to the judge the judge and they wanted her to reopen they wanted her to to redo it and she, said no okay now she is she's scum in my I can't this woman is. So bought and sold and I did I do think she got a lot of political pressure on this on this case and. She's. Been ruthless on the other people. That, came from other states just to help out the dispatch but on. This particular case she said no so now they're going over her head to go back to ninth circuit court to Get it reopened again again can you believe this and, this is as bad as somebody coming fourth in a murder case and and and proving that the DNA didn't match or that, they couldn't have. Been. There in a million years and the reopening trying to. Reopen, and go after it again even though they already know that's about as bad as that because they have already been proven to lie collude there. Was, so much proof about lying and collusion you couldn't ignore it I mean there was no way. That trial could have gone any other. Way but but, the, way. It went where. The bundy's prevailed because there was. So much of it that they couldn't refute it and. So they were one of the three percent cases that actually win and they're going, after it again that's how ruthless and and nauseating this this judicial system we have while others that we. Are very high profile people, are walking, around. And don't even lose their position or their credentials I mean give me a break This is just insanity going after the American farmer the American rancher like this nothing makes me more upset. That's just what really frustrates me is a vindictiveness prosecutors certain prosecutors will not get that role and. They, cannot lose consider themselves God when I, go after somebody yes they will go after them and I've seen them, I've seen them hide evidence manipulated evidence failure to give discovery to the. Defense all, kinds of this stuff Purposely frame somebody just so they can't lose yes hi collar, welcome show go right ahead True Stops. Here All the time Always stops We should Fired immediately if, he could Oh The president who's, doing Twenty one we know. Gender Twenty-one Ringling high-priority I don't understand though how you're saying. The president's doing this this is the prosecutor is going to. The ninth circuit court We don't Okay. Yeah okay just. A second Just No we don't know what's going to happen at the ninth. Circuit, now if the ninth circuit says yes to this, then, okay I'll follow your line of. Reasoning they haven't said yes to it, yet but. The but what my point was was that the prosecutors actually have the gumption to even. Try that's what was so insane to me is they're actually going to try to do this after losing so. Badly but let's see what the ninth circuit. Does then if the nine circuit, says, yes Bulk of, ninth Prosecutors are. Doing, off automatically okay. Free right now and it was the case ended up where. The bundy's prevail that's. What I'm saying so that went in there and. That, was good now let's. See what happens. So let's see let's. See what happens and then I'll have a problem because, in this case I was president or Aw Would have been fired a long time. Ago agenda twenty. One Breath People need to realize Who's, behind the prosecution well I don't, know if even Ron Paul could accomplish all of, that in one year but maybe I don't know. That I'm gonna guess no.

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