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The front lines in battling Cove it who are trying to build climate resilience who are standing up for the rule of law standing up against inequality. That was in the video that put out by the Biden transition team. Meanwhile, YouTube has joined Twitter and Facebook with a ban on President Trump not allowing any new content to be uploaded from the president for seven days. America's listening to Fox News News radio K L. B J I'm Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you. By Edelman. Financial engines Pre registration for a covert vaccines now possible through an online portal launch today by Austin Public Health Travis County Health Authority Marquess Scott says they should streamline the process is Austin public health coordinates with various distribution hubs. Peoples with community care with other qualified health care centers to provide lists of patients to us to offer vaccine to only phase one A and one B or eligible right now, but is more vaccines arrive at Scott says larger portions of the community will become eligible as well. Local teacher group education Austin, Pressing state leaders to step in and help out is the Austin School District, consider staffing cuts to mitigate losses in state funding because of attendants and enrollment. Ai SD this week has said hundreds of positions may be a risk. And Williams and counties hired an attorney to represent any employee who may be called to testify or produce documentation. And former sheriff Robert showed his lawsuit alleging that he lost to my Gleason because of election fraud. The county calls it a waste of tax money. The suit specifically names Gleason, but not the county as a whole. Lots of sun in the forecast today. High 66 degrees nine. Patrick Osborne, you could get Austin News on demand at news Radio K L B J calm market, Mullen What's the bottom line returns at all costs, cutting losses getting out fast? Not a black stone at Blackstone. The bottom line is about the long haul. The bottom line says. See it through even when it's tough, it's building better business is over and over and over again. Helping them transform. And take their communities along with them. At Blackstone. The bottom line isn't just a line. The bottom line goes beyond returns. They're live local and they're talking about the stories that matter to you Share your opinions with market Melinda at 51283605 90. Now here are Mark and Melinda. You're buckled up..

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