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Two good morning I'm Mark Carlson governor, Ducey has declared a state of emergency in Coconino county due to heavy rainfall and flooding in, the area fourth of July city of flying style and the other areas of the, shows those who twenty four. Hours In just a pop. Hours Todd Whitney was Coconino county says private property and public, infrastructure were damaged by floodwaters the state of emergency insurance two hundred thousand dollars will go to recovery efforts and endangered fish is now swimming around our Grand Canyon creek in. An effort. To improve. Their chances of survival. The humpback chub once was widespread throughout the Colorado river basin but it's numbers have declined the release of. The fish into the bright angel creek, in may follows efforts to remove nonnative trout at prey on them You must follow the right procedures if you're taking your gun on a plane or it'll cost you We're going to do is remove that. Magazine from the gun itself that's, Laurie thinkers with. TSA demonstrating the proper way to pack. Your gun if you're traveling on. A plane wants this package just go ahead and close it up We have it in a hard cited case she. Says so far this year sixty six months happen found. In carry-on bags at Phoenix sky harbor ranking the airport sixth in the country for the most gun confiscations by TSA officials. We're not saying you can't, travel with your firearm we're just saying, travel with it in the correct procedures she says you, could be charged about. Two thousand to nearly ten thousand. Dollars if you don't pack at your gun properly so avoid an expensive mistake. Put it in that hard sided case and you'll be on your way. Result Patino KTAR news visit KTAR, dot com for. A video demonstration of pack your gun Check on. Traffic here's my Daniels live from the valley. Chevy dealers traffic center well thank you Mark that closure continues on the ten westbound right, pren- fifty first and sixty, seventh avenue Duda roadwork we also have the ten westbound on ramps. Closed at twenty seven thirty five and forty three. Rd avenue the all these closures in the facto five. AM tomorrow morning and we got a crash in Chandler Chandler boulevard and Kyran. Road watch out for this report brought to. You by lows die Minwax, fans lows has what you need in, stock every day for your next aim project all projects, have a starting point start with Lowe's I Mike Daniels, KTAR news KTAR weather for the valley today partly cloudy with a high of one hundred eight tonight partly cloudy skies with a low. Of eighty seven tomorrow partly cloudy and not as hot I. Have one zero, six it is ninety.

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