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Drops, I listen right away, nice job guys. Thank you. You are C four one 5 C, we appreciate that. We found we found we have a pretty wide variety of a listener base. A lot of up and coming players. We've got a lot of I was actually impressed with some of our we've got kind of an older a decent group of older WNBA fans who like from original like fans from back at the beginning of the league. And even prior to the league women's basketball fans that have connected with us, all the way down to, yeah, middle schoolers that listen to our show and everybody from any demographic all in between. So that's just a really cool shout out. We appreciate that. Yeah. That warms my heart because I don't think there's a time in your life quite the same as when you get to be a part of an organized sports team. Or it's just, you make so many cool memories, you meet friends that stay your friends for such a long time. I'd encourage anyone to either stay in basketball or if you're not into it. Get into basketball. If you have the chance, because it can take you a lot of places and it can give you a lot of good memories. Absolutely. That's got to be the best compliment I think we've ever received. Honestly, that's encapsulates so much of why we do what we do. And it's absolutely message we'd extend to anyone especially younger people listening to this. If basketball or sports is a part of your life, keep at it. It's there for everyone and everyone wins. You've just got to find out what your win is. And that's so cool. See four one 5 C, very.

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