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That's six, seven, eight, six, five, three, eight, three eight, and make sure you tell them that the propaganda reports. Also to say that the guys have our neighbors have put together a special seed packet bundle for listeners that consist of a lot of non GMO seeds enough to start a mini farm basically, and you can get that for twenty seven, ninety, nine, a price well below the typical price. You'RE GONNA find. You can even get ten percent off of that if you use the discount code propaganda and included in your package. You'RE GONNA. Get some instructions. You're going to get some sticker swag and you're going to get. A personal note included in every single order, so check that out coupon code propaganda. Do It e-commerce now. You're GONNA love it. Okay? So we talked about the provocateurs yesterday. And the umbrella man the guy with the black umbrella who was hammering out the windows, and the fact that a lot of left-wingers are pretending to be right. Wingers ntfs pretending to be white. NATIONALIST WHITE NATIONALS PRETEND TO BE ANTIFA. Everybody's trying to smear everybody else to make it look like everybody is the worst possible person where possible group in the world. Let read you a quick paragraph from CIA morale menu over their training and end in the field, subversion tactics in the context of starting a riot or a mass movement is technique training for the agents. If it is to be an impression of spontaneous and widespread revolt, minor subversive activities at widely scattered points are planned and numerous. Committed simultaneously thus at a predetermined time, civilians at various places break windows. Start Fires Start, street fights and start riots, judicious and affective. Bribing of police officers can help in the successful staging of street, fights and riots without endangering the security of the agent the agent. The police can be bribed either to stay away from the scene until it has developed into a riot. Of its own momentum or to make wholesale arrests of innocent bystanders, and thus create the impression of greater participation in the riot, then actually existed so this was a a handbook for the CIA in foreign countries and the sixties. Yes. So it's kind of like my mean thing where they enhanced functional subcultures. They just go into other countries and mess up and we're supposed to believe that they don't do that here. That's right even though we've seen all of this exactly. What you said because I remember the day. They said it was like I. Don't think La. To Deal Bell L. A.. Nothing because I saw one of one. You really get killed. So I went to look and see if people were on that highway, but they were. It was just like the exits. Come down to where the stop light like every other frigging. And they were just whatever. Wasn't that big a deal and then all of a sudden. It just escalated right here. This whole manual is just fascinating. The what it describes things that could be a hilarious thing. Is that that people will defend to the death? They don't do it to us. Somebody just asked me. A question didn't gets looking at the Smith. Months, amendment, from twenty twelve when that Michael Hastings was writing on before he died Dando one. It's where they can properly. They can direct propaganda to domestic audiences. And this is propaganda. This is propaganda of the deed. Is Propaganda so depending on how they wanted to find that they're? They've given themselves a justification for it, yeah. That's why I think there must be like legal loopholes because you look at the cove stuff. They're not false. Find government documents. That's why the numbers are so screwy. You know what I'm wondering. Speaking of legal loopholes. Is if the police to somebody and we've had this conversation about San San Bernardino. You've talked about it with Apple. Can they have access to your phone I talked yesterday about the thousands upon thousands of hours of videos that are going to be uploaded to the cloud, just automatically by default, because that's the default phone setting, because everybody in this protest has a phone. What if that phone captures crime on camera, which probably most of them did? You. Can the police Gimme? One of them. Yeah, criminal activity! Every phone is probable cause especially since they're using contact tracing against the people who are either protester who were arrested I can't remember, but you were within proximity of a crime, but everybody's in proximity of crime especially these days when everything's crime, yeah? Wow. That's Kooky. So. There was another covert thing I wanted to mention now that we're on that. Oh this is what I want to say back Kobe that there. I remember saying there going to be permanent effects of COVID and I wonder if it's like they're rolling out five G. and there's oh well after covert. Everybody had this problem, but he didn't know what it was then. I saw today an article in the journal that said this person. This man had was trying to clean out his mother. His mother died implied of course covid. Covid and he was read it try to smell her perfume to get a whiff of her, and he noticed for the first time that he can't smell and he he is reported as a permanent side effects of Covid, but they also say that loss of taste and smell is can be from five G. now. I don't know if that's true, but if it I just think that's a something, a flag because I did think that they would. Say that there are permanent facts a cova if there was anything. That came out of the five G. that they are clearly implementing as we down yeah and. It also plays into the division narrative of conspiracy theorists, saying that five G. O. also causes that. Yes, you're right. That might have been an Easter egg meant for me to find. It was pretty cute. Yeah, interesting interesting. Let me tell you the cyber article so obviously. I read the newspapers say which I just don't even read..

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