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Why didn't they leave. Why the rich people leave germany. And and the the simple reason is because all of their currency was denominated. They're they're they're real. Estate was denominated there. An and they didn't see the real tail risk was the social revolution in the revolution. That was coming. That was the tail risk. And so they stay in the and and and and what are you going to. You can't take a real estate with you. You can take your money. You're not gonna take suitcases money with you on a plan. So we're boat and so they get stuck and that's that's typically what happens. Bitcoin today allows us different. It's a little different. You remember twelve words. You can move anywhere as you're not gonna take your memory and and so so so so i think even just this alone with all of the side host based before we get into why it's so important just if you looked at it through that lens alone it is a must own asset. It is a must own. Where what's the what's going on in the world today when you start to kind of unpack. They coin itself. How much of your excitement or even for the asset in terms of why you holding your portfolio is driven from like a macroeconomics. I have to have this to protect my wealth versus more of the social and political stuff. Which is you know if i need to move quickly. If there's unrest if there's confiscation of assets all that type of stuff the super interesting question. I asked that before actually for me i think i i lean more to bitcoin because because it it brings fairness and equity to the world it brings it brings a free market free market forces that allow the abundance gained from technology to be passed. The broadest possible audience That's my primary reason. I don't need more money. I don't need more. Anything i just. His life is great. I love what i do tons of friends tons of like. I love everything i do so so. I wrote the book more. Because i'm living in this system benefiting from this benefiting from this system understanding that i like i couldn't understand why prices weren't falling the rate that should be falling when all the technology companies that building were producing crazy returns for p. That's why people were using the are using the technology companies and so i can understand why that wasn't happening at the rate that it should be. So that's that's what i best created so for me personally. I'm in at more for a fair fairness. When if i now put on my investor hat when i think about how much is in bitcoin. How much is in other things. My hurdle rate for an for an investment in in ncaa company is really high. Because because i know bitcoin's going to do. I know how a or i believe. I believe it's going to be i. I believe it's going to be reserve currency. I believe it's going to be a bunch more than that in in time. And so i believe in in what that will do For a return rate. And so i measure every other return rate other things that i would invest time or against that against that place will walk me through. What does that look like. Bitcoin is global reserve currency. The central banks fail. They give up. They exist than they..

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