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For the ticking of berkeley and maggie to black kittens from the sayerville shelter on july twenty nine th and thirty shelter workers and police went to the couple's home to take back the adopted cats but they were refused entry to the home and the landlord says he's only see one count on their property berkeley has been returned to the shelter safely but animal rescue forces offering one thousand dollar reward for maga's return shelter manager aime ray says they're considering a civil suit or search warrant to recover the other cats danielle bersin new jersey one of one point five new some states and cities are supporting the idea would it help or hurt new jersey's problem report reveals an underground safe haven for drug users inject heroin and the like under the care of trained staff maybe illegal little data has been offered on this time new jersey's first news five '09 if you remember the nyc westside confrontation years ago there's been another encounter between bikers and a family in a minivan is one is being investigated as potentially racially motivated the family as indian the father punched in the face in woodbridge go governor christie signed fifty bills into law monday before heading overseas with his family for vacation new laws include one that would eliminate the possibility of going to jail for smoking in public places in the year and a week between july 1st 2016 and july six 2017 just two hundred forty nine summonses were issued statewide for violating municipal antismoking ordinances senator bob board says that's a part because local authorities are reluctant issue a criminal summons for smoking in public places where it's prohibited found counter intuitive but we hope that this legislation will actually increase the enforcement of antismoking rules municipalities can now changed their local ordinance to eliminate the prospect of a thirty day jail sends the sylla finally be the same as the current criminal one up to two hundred dollars at state house michael simon's new jersey wanna 15 news newly ordained just last month a roman catholic priest is now charged with endangering the welfare of a child and criminal sexual contact prosecutors say thirty seven year old reverend more nurik touched a team girls buttocks over her underwear hauling her sexy by this afternoon the jury of eight should be seated in the.

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