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The house Judiciary Committee released a report Saturday in which it argued that a president may be impeached for illegitimate motives even if his actions are legally permissible that was the sap up today they are going after trump for what he may have wanted to do they're going after trump for what may have been in his mind even if what he was doing was legally permissible he wanted to engage in some kind of illegality your trip this is the basis on which they are proceeding now we can go through a point by point rebuttal of every point they're making with all that does is accept the premise of their points and I don't think any of this is legitimate if you want my version of this what's illegitimate about all this is the Democrats and these hearings and this entire process that's what's illegitimate the twenty sixteen election was totally legitimate it was totally fair the Democrats can't get over it the twenty twenty election is going to be totally legitimate and totally fair other might be some fraud the as there always is a local precincts vote counting dead people voting that kind of stuff but that's not the Russians that's local election officials doing that that's always happens in our elections but the Russians no foreign power can come in and change the outcome of the presidential election they can't reject nobody can actually effectively rig an election now you can go in and you can let dead people vote then you can try to get illegal aliens the phone and all that but fox that's that's just as much a part of American elections as legal voting is and it's not gonna don't misunderstand me there's nothing new about that and there certainly is not Russian meddling as part of it our election in twenty sixteen there's not a single person that can a land just single weld was change my Bircher what Russia did there's no evidence nor is there an allegation that a single vote was change much less election outcome because of what the Russians did and no less than Robert Muller himself said that in his indictment of the Russian troll farms during the era of his bogus investigation and forthcoming bogus report so the Democrat party it's as though they know they're gonna lose they have no way of beating trump so the only hope they have is to make trumpet legitimate so that he can't enact an agenda and even with that trump's agenda is being enacted and we've got an economy roaring like most Americans have never experienced in their lifetimes we have unemployment at a fifty year record low African American Hispanic minority unemployment dental record low wages every economic indicator is on the rise at almost unprecedented levels people are living it and I know what it's like a kid but public sentiment on the economy public confidence is also right near record highs this is what the Democrats are up against the all they can do their work we're we're we're re living the eighties in the sense that we we we had the same kind of implementation of conservative supply side economic theory policy and it is working like at and all the Democrats can do is try to delegitimize anything and everything associated with it including trump but this really is no more complicated than they just hate it and they can't get over the fact that he won and they can't get over the fact that they still can't get rid of him and they can't get over the fact that the media can't get rid of me can't get over the fact that the deep state experts best and brightest have been able to get rid can't bill Taylor didn't get rid of it lieutenant colonel Vernon oh say can you see that get rid of your vantage one able to get rid of him Fiona hill whenever you're feeling whatever name is there at their wit's end anyway I guess it takes being outside Washington outside this process to be able to see this it is my take on this I have yet to hear anywhere on TV will be back in just seconds don't call.

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