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It was Judy Joe Chipped. So different players in the squad worse lot more memorable Nikki Book Robbie Fowler Gary Neville Paul Skulls they would have big ones. The other players didn't quite make it most for the United or leads. So you've got Chris. Casper. Cindy wasn't in the squad who was from the same knocking shop. David Beckham he wasn't in the squat. We mentioned down Caskey Christie is in goal leads had Kevin Sharp, Jamie Forrester there in his team Kevin Gallen, he was up front with Robbie. Fowler we mentioned Julian. Jochen. Best Preval. Time Mark Tinkler. Is there. So it was a mixture qualifies who ended up doing things Plassey did something's and players you. Know things. So. Interestingly enough following from that in Malaya researchers, it's funny how we've done. To separate tournaments I think this must have been lucky. Ye lighter the too long tournament which are genuine thought was invented when Roberto Carlos free-kick apparently was plight before it was invented, I'm retired in moment but nine four England with two victory over Portugal. In the last game there are a few that you just named Sol Campbell and Ravi Bhalla there are A. Few different applies in this team, a phone fascinating that there is this much of a change very mind what was about to come through in your six. If you can name any of the rest of this team are will be stunned England say naughty for what age is this team you had to be under twenty one I don't know what the regulations were. Just think of good young player. That's all. But actually good young guys this time this kind of media. Okay. I'll give you the plies the HUD international caps. Four plies is she might international caps for England full caps and won the you would have thought would have got one but the guy I still think some of the ones that didn't law you would have got I slight recollection of. What's going on? He was not going to give you one just to set the tone. Bruce Star. To. Give you another one just. Keeps sentenced tied Chris Bart Williams. I'm sure he played for England out of four would've idolise a cab. Partner, it would be the grind siler you would have about foresee. Set you up the goalie played for you what Michael Yup might as well. Just awesome of these often Chris Mike was the Roy Bark Stuart Nethercott was the other sensor off next this all Campbell Dean Gordon was the left Park. The right midfield was trevor. Sinclair sends it was Ripe Paula. He was partnered with Jamie Redknapp left midfield, dominic MATTIA, no caps, and then deal the two that I mentioned Bruce Star and Chris. Bart Williams all the talk that we've gone through a by. So Campbell in his England is I never thought we'd heavily discuss he's Pre England. False apparently the deck was stacked shall we shy and he rose above that I still were in the team for six tournaments was Six excellence while he was in the squad fixing sexy told. It does his first one, Euro Ninety six. What is I cop just before tournament things a friendly get hungry. You Wendy second cap as a Serb Kobe Non England Scotland game, which is good. One Konica Camonte. When he gets to the World Cup Ninety Eight, he has become a first choice by then in the buildups at that tournament, he was England's second youngest captain of all time but you're a nice six..

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