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Waiver Watch with our guy. Midway. Jeff Miller, the station's fantasy expert. And our post game bears host and one of our producers. He's a jack of all trades, really, but he truly is a fantasy football expert. And all year he's been giving you great advice. On the waiver wire names like Myles Gaskin before he got hurt. How about Chase Claypool in about week three or so. You know how many touchdowns Chase Claypool has on the season? By the way, 11 car 10. Think it's 10 years. Maybe it is 11 10 tonight these 10 touchdowns in 10 games because he's reached some rarified air. I mean, You know, he was drafted like eight spots after the Bears grab commit. They were teammates at Notre Dame. Why? You gotta remind us why you gotta do that to us. Now. He probably doesn't have 10 touchdowns here because look, the bears often stinks. They wouldn't know what the hell are you one of those guys who would say Pat Mahomes would be great if you was here? No. But come on, Jeff. There's no way Chase. Claypool's got 10 touchdowns and out there with additional with this girl, which is it's more difficult behind this offensive line. They don't know what they're doing. And with the two non quarterback quarterback's that we have, exactly, There's no way he'd have 10. But he's the kid's got 10 touchdowns Miller gave not like in week three or four. Go grab Chase Claypool. I mean, it's been one good piece of advice after another on he's going to try to do it again. Although Look, we're in the week 13 when they open tonight. After the day game is done the Wednesday afternoon game in the year of Cove, it is done. It's obviously slim Pickens, But is there anybody worthwhile? People should be looking for you. I think I think you you put the build up correctly their car because we're in a spot now we're hopefully you're Jockeying for playoff position. You're probably hopefully, if you have been listening, you're figuring out where you're gonna be seated. I think right now you have to because there's not a whole lot left. Right now. We're looking at situations where I think at this point, you're basically trying to find any running back who might be able to help you in the playoffs. That's basically what you're doing here right now. I think the number one priority this week is Devante Booker. He is the back of running back for the Vegas Raiders, and he's had a couple of nice games this year. He's looked quicker than he has in the past back when he was with Denver. And Josh Jacob's left last Sunday's game with an ankle injury. Now there have been some good reports about Josh Jacob's They're encouraged. They're hoping that he could plan Sunday, so I'm forewarning you There's a chance you go ahead and claim Booker tonight. And he doesn't amount to anything. But I think he's the one who's worth the risk because the Raiders have a sweet match up against the Jets. Yes, they do on Sunday, and so maybe Vegas is even just a little bit cautious. And they say You know what? Josh Jacobs, even though we hoped we would like to use him. It's the Jets. And so maybe this is a one week's solution. And if you need a win to get into the playoffs, Devante Booker maybe could be your salvation this week. But don't look for anything long term from him. I think also the biggest thing is because we're on the cusp of the playoffs. It's week. 40. All right, You know, week 14 is next week. That's when the players start for most leagues. Get ahead of it. If you are a Delvin cook owner have Alexander Madison on your roster. You know what if the trade deadline's passed in your league, though? Well, the reason I bring this up is because Delvin Alexander Madison is on Lee owned in 30 30 33% elite. That's crazy. Really? Yes. So two thirds of leagues out there, there's a chance. Alexander Madison is not owned in the early Wow. I'm now prized. Look, I don't know. You know, I you know what he came in, and he played one week for cook when Cook was out injured and he was disappointing. But still he's the one of the few handcuffs in this in this NFL where he's worth owning, and because Cook has been banged up. I think if you're a cook on or you need a on Madison and If you're not a cook owner, But chances out the cook owner probably is likely playoff team because Dalvin Cook has been so good. Go ahead and pick up Madison up because you're gonna hopefully block, you know? Yes, exactly. The old rooster blocking If you s O. Make sure that you Madison zone because he's the one handcuff who I look at it. I say he give you 75 to 80% of what Cook gives you if he if he has to step in, for whatever reason, so he should be owned. Cam Acres. Had a nice long run for the Rams last week. The problem for the Rams is that if you know they have Malcolm Brown, they also have Donald Henderson. So it Zaid True triumvirate. For the Rams, and I don't feel great about it. But I think you have to be proactive here on the off chance that acres starts to see a little bit more run. I wouldn't want to start him this week. But this is where you're starting to. Maybe you just have to be proactive and grab guys who might make an impact because you don't have We don't wanna be chasing next week, because if acres all of a sudden shows you that he gets 12 to 14 touches Will immediately be the top priority. So he's somebody who's worth looking at. DeAndre Washington In case Gaskin and Achmed are not back this week. Now both guys were out last week. DeAndre. Washington is the guy who might get some carries for the Dolphins of both guys air out what's happened to Jordan Howard? He is great for Philadelphia. Oh, yes. He was released out right by the door. I didn't even know that He was released outright by the Dolphins a week ago, and I believe the he caught on with the eagle. I don't even know that think he was an active gone two weeks ago. They had no running backs in Miami and Jordan. Howard was a healthy scratch. They think he did. I didn't even realize they released him. I didn't see that. They released They released him last week. That's unbelievable. You talk. I mean, you see anybody that says over the Bears made a mistake in the Jordan Howard, Give me a break. I mean, They got no running backs in Miami, and they wouldn't put him on the field. But yeah, depending on how desperate you are, If you're looking for a guy who might might score you I don't know. Four points, maybe five, and you're running back position because we're at that point, Frank Gore. He's still widely available. And you know, with with P Ryan out, it looks like Frank Gore is going to Workhorse. Yeah, I mean, it's never gonna stop. It's crazy. He's just padding his stats and a 2 37 years old Frank Gore had it was he had 18 carries last week against the Dolphins for 74 years believable, so we had more character. He had five more carries in the Bear's head as a team. Yes, they did. So at least at least, you know, the Jets will commit to the run, whether or not they'll be productive or not, You know, you're probably not gonna get any touchdowns Fabulous. I'll also add that Brian Hill For the Falcons is somebody to keep an eye on if Todd Gurley misses another game, But again, he's expected to practice today, so that might be no good. That might be no help as well. We're it's more about speculating this week. There's really nothing great left on the waiver wire, nor should there be at this point in the season. Tim Patrick. Yeah, Once the he's available in 85% of Leagues card, he's had a couple of big weeks And as long as the Broncos actually have a legitimate starting quarterback, of course, he's a guy who could help you going forward outside of that. Oh, yeah, one more addition here. Okay, So it's week. 13. The Bucks and Panthers are both on by. They're gonna complete the bye weeks this week. This is a Would advise to monitor the teams around your league, because if the team that holds the The Bucks defense cuts them this week because a lot of teams don't want to carry two defense is right. This is the time of the year where it is perfectly acceptable and actually advisable to carry two defense's look ahead to the schedule. In particular, the Cleveland Browns have a very, very nice schedule for the playoffs in weeks, 15 and 16 the Browns defense is a defense that, you know, maybe they've been cut because Miles Garrett has been on the Colbert List. If Garrett returns there, one of the better defenses in the league and I know they have the Jets on their schedule, and I believe they have the Giants as well in weeks, 15 and 16. That's big time and the Giants. Maybe it without Daniel Jones for a while, and even if they have Daniel Jones, not like he's a great option. So those are one of those things where you take a look at the defense's that are available on your waiver wire and go ahead, feel free to carry, too, Because once you get to the playoffs,.

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