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That sounds about right. What's he going to do in the match? Win. Win. I don't think he's gonna win. If he wins, that's the only thing is like if he wins, it makes Roman costing the belt pointless. Correct, you know? And then it makes him winning the rumble pointless. Basically. And it makes this show. Pointless. Makes WrestleMania pointless. Pointless. Pointless. Not just stupendous two point lists to pointless. David Sagan, what would happen if lita showed her thong in Saudi Arabia? Jason Deir him said straight to the Elimination Chamber. Yep. Carlos Ramirez crazy prediction I have for Brock Lesnar undertaker slash Mark Calloway will be his new manager. Yeah, 0% chance. Sorry later your story to the Elimination Chamber. It's like, you want her in the match? What match? Match? Matt? Oh, you have a lighter? To light the limitation chamber on fire. Jason dear him in a shoot Royal Rumble. Otis would have to win, right? How the hell would anyone be able to put him over the ropes? No. People getting up on him. PS Valentine's Day is on a Monday, sounds like a perfect night for veer to come. First of all, a shoot Royal Rumble would not work. No. You can't even do it. I'd go under the bottom rope and run away. Yeah, it would never work. See you in three hours. Why would the first ten guys even touch each other? Right. Like, it just wouldn't work. It would have to be like, you're forced to fight. And then once you're knocked out, you're just eliminated, because once you're have to wait until you knock someone out and then deadlift them and throw them over the top rope. Or it doesn't make sense. You'd have to have it where they as soon as they hit the ground they're out. Yeah. But still, it doesn't make sense. Yeah, like not over the top rope. I'd love to see a UFC one. Once they're out throughout. Cooper, the super duper pooper scooper. Regarding the rumble, so you can have a match where you can put over any young talent, make them world champion and it doesn't have to make sense. It's basically a free ticket to successfully push young talent. Nope, let's give it to Brock. And then give it a break me then. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. All right, we're gonna rumble, give it to Brock. Money in the bank. All right, Victor Castillo. The Elimination Chamber has been deluded, heavily throughout the years. There seems to be no sense of horror and intensity to it anymore. What's one thing you would do to bring back legitimacy to this match? Blood. Yeah. Lots of it. Yeah. First time this happened, there was blood. Don't have all the participants on raw the next all happy and smiling and whatever. That's the other thing, Seth Rollins. Got 30 chair shots from Roman Reigns. At the Royal Rumble. And then on raw, he's like, and then he's like, oh, wait, I'm not a 100% oh, but like right exactly. Dirty chair shots. Right. Why even do it if you're gonna be totally fine. Yeah. My gosh, small. My God, small. Here in this question this week. Exactly what kind of mode is Brie Bella and how did her and her sister ever wrestle in the WWE? Because the divas title in total divas. How did they wrestle? Terribly. Well, basically Nikki was like, I want to win the title, which is like, no, no. And then she was like, oh, no, no. Well, I'm going to suck John Cena's dick, and he's like, all right. Hello, champ. Welcome to the club. Yeah. Yeah. And then pre Bella's like, well, I'm gonna fuck Daniel Bryan. Can I be the champion? This is like, no. No, you idiot, okay? Good luck with that. Just sunk in the wrong beef there. I mean, maybe if you both suck Johnson. All right. Wow. Destiny, who in the main roster would you have interest seeing a romance storyline with for comedic purposes, of course? Roman and Brock, listen, here we are. I think we're close. Hear me out. We're almost there. 'cause they're both in love with Paul Heyman. Right. That weird. That's what I did. SmackDown. Paul Heyman is playing matchmaker. Yeah. I want both clients. Becky and Roman. Betrayal. The ultimate fuck you. Becky and Kevin Owens. Yeah. No, no, Roman and Brock. That's the best one. Yeah. All right, that is all for fan questions. So make sure you subscribe to our podcast, give us a 5 star review. Check out the website. What's wrong with wrestling dot com? Like the show on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram at wrong wrestling. Get a T-shirt up pro wrestling tees dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling and become a supporter of the show at Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling? $5 a month gets you everything. We have weekly AW recaps. We have the pay per views, all the pay per views recap. Bracket list brackets, we just put out the most ruined NXT star on the main roster bracket. That was a lot of fun and sad to do. Yes. But go check all that shit out. Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling. And subscribe and listen to Hollywood hogwash. And let me also just say I didn't thank him earlier. Thank you to our fan Chris starkey for the trivia..

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