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Hey, listen, my dude, I will completely forget this conversation ever happened next time you called your good tabula rasa clean slate. I appreciate it, but I'll talk to you guys have a good show The laces. Thanks, man. We're having a good show. 77 5791 or 25. Somebody have a good shot. Five o'clock? Yeah, we've been having a good show. Hey, John. Hey, man. No, no, John on the phone. I thought you're just checking in. Doing good. John? Yeah. No, I was talking to you that time. Hello? Yeah, Go ahead, John. Are you there Drew that's talking to John standing. Hey, Sorry. Uh, that caller. Uh, just just called in about that song. That's the worst song ever recorded. I mean, there were songs. But I have a similar experience. Um, I was on another line. Thanks for taking my call. No, I drive a company van all day with the shifter on the column. And when I get my car One time I almost busted my windshield wiper off of the Hamas. Darryl will call him so stuff happens. You'll have a good day. What a great call. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to call us with that That was very worthwhile. Stuff does happen, though, sure does like like, something could happen when you're getting in your car and you hit, uh and all of a sudden, you just jump over the curb or whatever it may be, but If there's people in front of you, then you just killed somebody like stuff does happen. You just don't want it to happen When there's human being standing in front of your car, correct, we're going to come back and it's okay. It's not okay is about a very unique situation happening with the military. And our local Super Bowl champion football team will also talk to Dave Randolph from your Tampa Bay Lightning. And I'll also tell you that wa wa was founded on food. You want to talk about a great place to fill up your tank with gas and stroll inside and get a panini. Breakfast burrito a sandwich of salad a grab and go pretzel some chicken uggs, whatever you want. They've got it at Wa wa Don't overlook that ooey gooey butter cake that they have is an impulse buy right up there by the register. You need gum. You need candy bars. You need a refreshing beverage. Or maybe that picked me up when your get up and go has got up and went Get a coffee, A blueberry cobbler Cobbler Coffee limited edition style at Wa wa Download the Wa wa app and you'll find the one near you or you go to wa wa dot com. I love Wa wa so much. I'm a recent convert these last couple years. I never understood what the hype was about until I went for the first time. And if you've never been initiate yourself and find out why wa wa was founded on food, It's droog Arabo live on one or 2.5 the bone. Here's an update from the safety and security traffic center in Penelas. Expect delays. If you're traveling north battle Long Roosevelt Boulevard, an accident US. 19 has had the two right lanes blocked. Heavy interstate volumes our main problem right now on the Hillsborough side, though several earlier mishaps are still in the clearing stage, one was causing delays Long Eastbound Beers avenue at Lake Magdalene. The other was in southern Hillsborough along State Road 6 74 westbound between three and one of 1975. And there's a new one. Now in Brandon, Long eastbound State Road 60 at Lithia Pine Crest. We have typical late day conditions along law, the Bay Area Bridges I'm Jim and the safety and security Traffic Center. One..

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