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They're squaring the earnest Mary's, and they're going to be in cancer for year and a half. And they're going to encourage you to grow things, whatever you've been visiting since may of last year, they're not going to encourage you to grow. And of course, may of seventeen Komi got fired which started the whole Muller investigation. And that was when sessions recused himself from the investigation and this week sessions got fired right? Jeff Sessions of the attorney general. So the beginning in the end, okay. He's gone now we're bringing in somebody new so that's the backwards for the cancer nodes shifting. We're outta Leo into cancer. Then the fourth thing was there was a really juicy new moon in Scorpio at fifteen degrees on the world access the world point, and wherever you have Scorpio that houses starting a new story. Fifteen degrees the cancer houses starting a new story. But at the back end of it, if you've got plans at the back there, really active the Ernest the Aries houses cleaning up the mess. No, just four months to clean, the mess up. And then you're off and the sad part is starting to grow and expand. So we're growing in the cancer house, and we're growing in the sage house were cleaning up the mess in the areas house, and we're initiating new action in the Scorpio house. Fifteen degrees. Lot of activity. I lotta people last week all all sorts of crazy stuff. People wanting to jump off bridges people wanting to die and kill themselves. People writing me and complaining about the and and it. You wanna kinda watch what came up for you last week because it's important for you to work on that. Now while you're in this is an Aries 'cause it's taking you back. So in the case of you know, some of the people that were ready to jump off the bridge. It's like, okay, you're ready to jump off the bridge. You're ready to walk into the sea. And drowned or you're ready to whatever. Method you were choosing to leave but consequences of your actions. Don't do that. You know, you know, think about where you wanna go next because what it's energies about. Because of the area's backwards is making us think what I didn't do what you know. I didn't do that it also because it's Aries makes it a little bit contentious. We did see the president kicking the reporter out accusing her of salting someone when she tried to take the mic from him which technically she assaulted him. But that's all right. Another metoo whimper without a bang. I really wanted to bang people. I wanted to bang, but whatever, but I had a couple of people really react to me. And I you know, and I recognize when you want it when someone reacts to what you say, and I I reacted to a couple people too. And I was like, wow. Look at that reaction when you react to somebody under these transits. It's something unfinished. Sched? Right. It's something that you haven't done yet. It's something you haven't worked on yet. It's something that the universe is saying, hey, hey, pay attention to this. So I had someone right to me complaining about the politics in my column, and I'm like, well, really don't do a lot of. I mean, I use them as an example areas in you know, to fire we had the fires in California. These people have been burned out of their houses. And I'm not using it to be mean to the people in California. It's just what the energies doing kind of sudden unexpected they couldn't even get away. They were caught in their cars. That's the suddenness of this energy. Right. And it's it's not to be disrespectful or it's not to say. Hey, so I had somebody reacted my politics. And I said, hey, you know, the world is the astrology is the world when we look at the world around us, and we pay attention to what we tune into. Right. That's something in our chart. Like, I didn't tune into. I didn't say, hey, you know, I saw it go by. But those two couple that got killed in the helicopter crash in Texas while there was your Dyson Orpheus in the sky. Normally, you're a dice dies. But in this case Orpheus win with her. They both died in the crash a couple of hours after their wedding. And I I didn't talk about that. But I noted it, you know, but I didn't hook into it. I didn't go research it, whereas the Muller, you know, the Muller kid that was the twenty year old that was trying to frame Muller that one I research. I look at that kids chart so watch what you hook into. So 'cause that's the area that you your heart is wanting you to fix or he'll. Or work on. And we're gonna have this t square for a month and a half 'til January's. Clips is when we have the last two clips at one degree of Leo. So you're gonna have stuff come up. And when you got stuff coming up, you wanna go work on it. So I had a woman get mad at me about, you know, the me too movement people hanging it on their sleeves, and I'm kinda like, well, no don't hang it on their sleeves. It's just part of their experience, and it's important part of their experience. And then she revealed she'd been assaulted a number of times she'd been stocked number times. She almost got caught up in thrown into a lake, you know, or reservoir or Gulf of Mexico, whatever I was like, and you don't think you're traumatized. You don't think maybe you need to like work with us? You know, go work with this big. As it was no fine. Leave me alone. And I'm like, okay. Well, you know, how the universe works? It comes back to us. And it goes, no, no we have to do this. We're gonna keep knocking on your door knocking on your door knocking on your door knocking on your door asking you to pay attention to this. So I encourage you take the easy way out pay attention to what's knocking on your door. Whatever you're upset about go handle it. Go work on it. Go deal with it. If someone makes you mad look at what made you mad, and whatever that is go deal with whatever you reacted to in the other guy. It's your stuff this last week. Okay. I mean, I reacted to a couple of things myself. And I watched it and I watched myself react. And I went all right. I'm reacting to that. But now what's the approach? I wanna take. To it. And what's the what's the proper way proper the wrong word, but what's the way to heal it to heal my reaction right to understand where I'm coming from a place of wounded nece because in the middle of all this other who Haag going on Chiron is there at the last degree Pisces. So he's getting stimulate. He's saying let's stimulate your wounds. Let's wait those wounds up. So I have one friend who's currently in the process of separating from partner partner has the dogs. And there's little dog rushed up and tried to liquor. She burst into tears sobbing, and she ran away. Right. And I'm like, well, you know, you need to establish visitation with the dogs. Don't. No, no, no, no. Well, there are dogs. And she's you know, you haven't seen your dogs in four months. That's a long time and dogs are important to Virgo girl, you know. And so what you wanna watch. And you really really really wanna be gentle with yourself and other people so other. People are reacting this week, you want to say to them or last week there 'cause we're still processing there's a lot of energy shifting and it's a big big shift. You wanna watch what you're still reacting to because you're innocent Aries is giving you for months to clean it up. Chiron retrograde in Pisces is giving you time to clean it up until he goes, direct and Neptune. Of course is still going backwards until he goes direct. So we've got a couple of plants in there all the emotional ones. So watch what you reacted to emotionally last week. And if someone reacted emotionally with you, that's something they have to work on you may not be your job, but you can gently share maybe they should go work on this. And they might get mad at you and yell you. And that's okay. But at least just had it. And then whatever you reacted to you go work on. Okay. 'cause this is your stuff and the whole idea here is we're getting ready for this. Woo of energy, which is big. And we really really really wanna be clear and remember the messages of the heavens was the Orpheus message was don't look back. Look forward. Get the vision of where you're going and focus on that. Don't look back. And then the other mission was the other message was that there's this huge change and our job is to work with that huge change in the best way. We can and the universe points to us. How to do it? And it says go grow your secretary's house. Go grow, your cancer house watch for changes emanating from your Aries house making you rethink things or pointing out things that maybe need to be adjusted and watch where you're feeling a little wounded because chirons and they're mixed. Two. And so grow cancer, grow, sad, and cleanup Aries and fix the wounds in Pisces K,

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