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That's eight hundred eight zero five ten fifty five murderous Boston gangster James Whitey Bulger is dead murdered in his West Virginia federal prison cell Whitey. Bolger was killed ABC news has learned about the circumstances of how are now under investigation by the FBI in federal prosecutors in West Virginia Bolger staff at eighty nine comes five years after he was sentenced to life in prison. No sympathy from the US attorney in Boston. We're Bolger was convicted of eleven murders. He said in a statement. He was thinking of Bulger's victims defense attorney j w Carney said decisions by the Federal Bureau of prisons changed Bulger's life sentence to the death penalty. Abc's Aaron Katersky, Tennessee paramedic was stripped of his license accused of deliberately harming patients and bragging about it. When it's NFC helped department argued Gordon Brett Stokes should have as paramedics license revoked. It's lawyer called his behavior reckless in mice toes Dokes was responding to an emergency drug overdose. When they say he intentionally drilled into the patient's bone without using anesthesia, then told another first responder to insert a breathing tube into the patient's nose using alcohol based hand sanitizer instead of lubricant, and then they say Stokes bragged about it all on Facebook. I have a drill an ice care for a second to using Stokes calls it a witch hunt and says he wants his license reinstated. Scott Goldberg ABC news, Oscar nominated director, Eva Duvanov, Selma fame confirmed. She's making a multi part documentary on prince for net. Flicks Princess estate is on board with the project. A documentary made with extensive use of Princess archives? This is ABC news confused by all the talk about a good night's sleep. There's a lot of new mattress companies, but they're all missing something. They're missing expertise. Introducing.

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