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But when when guys like nola and bellinger are just not getting done yelich not getting it done for whatever reason i just i can't i can't tell you that. I think it's going to change for the final six weeks. I can't do that anymore. and it. it's absolutely fair. I i might be taken on some real bad stat baggage with sonny gray but you gotta take some chances here and there are a lot of people in that situation and need to make a big push on the standings. I'm gonna take the chance to this. Does narrow let's move on now. We can talk about frank schwinn window. All of the top ten. I the which the contact rate is the driving force there. I told you about how. I tried to make a million for him and got shutdowns going to have a final six weeks than anthony rizzo guy. He replaced no look voight. That's not happening. Why is it not happening. She went sales not exceeding rizzo. Why tell me what you see those rizzo in new. York's is look great. These look great in games yet. Well he's got a shot. Have you seen any ones for the yanks. I've seen it. I'm just. I'm just saying like it's the fifth month of the season and the guy's been doing you know very little all happily put in a line of anthony rizzo versus franks wendell from this point till the end of the year. I happily one. that's not you should. Nine percent of people should know what has no guarantees. I i love. I love the challenge here. Though i mean it's it's it's not an unfair comparison to make but gimme result. Voight voids a different story. Rick void very happy and he has a right to be not happy. What do you like traded is traded for my trotter otani okay. They traded for a guy having a terrible season. And he's going to play over him voice a very good fit with where he landed though. And where this how. This plays out matters. How do you see this playing out. I know my feeling on it. I don't know what you're feeling is on it. Well they're not gonna play standing the why would they they. Should they absolutely should. I don't think they should because they're winning now. And they're winning in part. Because i think they have good outfield defense. And why would you stand out there and risk him getting hurt so to me. It just seems like You know always something bad can happen. You know i. I don't know. I think you gotta maximize your lineup. I think the eggs f- to go for the kill. That's my take. I don't think they have to right now because of beating everybody the way they're doing it you know so i don't know that's gonna play out against tampa but we'll see. Let's get you singing now. Combo meals for it. It's a combo meal. Do combo come boat you do. It's a combo meal. Homebrew plus steel tune for that. One of the tune. Don't i. I think you're doing a great. That's the way it is putting in not for me or kyle. They're tuning in for your singing for the tunes. They don't care about logan web or ya'll they care about you singing. I have to read this then. These players are making moves earlier this week and making moves brought to you by lengthen jobs. Build your winning team today. Go to lincoln dot com slash sports since our last show. There were three combo meals. A homerun steele lewis. Robert of the white sox looks fine to me bradley. Zimmer cleveland actually looks pretty good right now and jonathan. Vr never looks good but he did have a combo meal and they keep playing and they're gonna end up with us. Five hundred records are very interesting. Team their their autoclave. It on the hunting stat guy. Class is not a good baseball player. New bite he can accumulate numbers as a lot of places and he handles the job when you need them. And that's a good thing. It's it's a skill in. Its own right but yeah give him credit. I mean you know. He does what he does and it's not like they have anything better. You know like. I wrote about the other day who radio suarez like. Cincinnati is nothing else. I mean they can play miss stockists there. But they're not gonna sit suarez. They don't they. Don't want us would sit up even though he's making a million outs you know but with vr. I mean you know jd. Davis isn't exactly brooks robinson at the hot corner. So yeah the r. s. fourteen homers and ten steals Three twenty one on base which is about as career mark. he is what he is at this point journeyman. Let's move on now. Talk closers time for you to sing again to deliver to. It's closer carousel on. Since i did this window and got my crazy do you. If i told you that david robertson were to lead the tampa bay rays and saves the final six weeks. Would that be crazy. And it's crazy that i'm saying no. It's absolutely crazy but welcomed. I just had a debate with friends of mine. Last night about the tampa bay bullpen. And how near them heard of any of the pitchers who were pitching for the race. Bullpen right now. All of their name players are either on the injured list or traded other organizations. And yet they're still getting it done. I don't want to be part of them for fantasy to you. I'm not adding robertson. They don't have on their active roster anyone with tampa save this month as my favorite stats. They've and they're going to challenge. Last year's number of different pitchers getting a save. And you know what the dodgers are doing. The same thing for setup man. There's picking people up that everyone else's dumping and saying well let's give it a shot you know and see what happens and yet trying and still has a good number of holes. That's what's amazing to me. So not pure setup man but like six fifty six seventeen guy. They've brought to march. Yeah it's amazing. It's like they're just like playing a different game tampa bay and los angeles. I can do whatever we want. And it's not gonna hurt us and give them a lot of credit for that. I admire what tampa has done with. This pitching seven and i still say it's a travesty. Every year kevin cash doesn't win manager earlier but that's me well it's going to be the old guy in chicago but you know. I don't think he deserves it. I agree with you. I think it should be kevin cash. The fact he's got those narrative it's amazing and they still haven't called up shane. Baz i guess. Wait till september to do it What else are we gonna talk about all right. So yankees chad green I thought that on monday. When i said johnny lasagna gotta say but they got their left closer back so he will get most of the saves although i bet they take it easy on him some degrade left. Yeah the he didn't he didn't look all that great so they yanked him from that and it turned into a save opportunity for lucas lucci. That guy's wrong with them. Something's wrong with chapman. Obviously right i would not trade for right now. We didn't talk any closes in in the buy or sell portion of today's show i would not be trading for him. Listeners have noticed that the yankee bullpen has come up in the closer carousel now on four every second every value different name and not once have i said oh. Yeah chapman's the guy wanted for the rest of the air. There's a reason for that. You're still rising brad. Hand making a mistake. I don't know why trust traded for him because they they needed help okay but they still need help. They shouldn't be using him. He looks terrible. Chebbi ashamed that. I have a league where i've held him because if you lose him he's gone for good. It's an nl. Only and i should let him go. I guess you're assuming he gets saved next season buddies pitching so poorly right now. Who would give him a closing job. Oh i know. And i don't know that i i still question whether he was fit for it at the past off season. There's really no doubt to me now doesn't look good. He's he's had a couple of really ugly games that i've seen here i don't know it's it's some sort of mental thing. Where're when a player. Switches leagues. i have a very hard time letting them go knowing that they are forever vacated from the pool. I it's probably failing of mine..

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