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But we are now going to go to the shell Pennzoil performance line where Bruce Weber head coach for Kansas state joins us and coach thanks for this some time, you obviously know Texas Tech better than most to this point. What makes them so difficult for teams that are facing them in the tournament. There's no doubt their defense. You know? It's just amazing. What Chris is done. You know, they have they have older guys. They have experienced. I think it's four fifty or guys. And and then you gotta you gotta go to and call for so authentically they've made a lot of strides as years gone on especially shooting basketball. I talked to Chris last week. And you know, he just said those other guys just got a little more confident. They started going to you know, to the other guys on the cover over time and they made shots. But when it still comes down to their defense is is superb. And it's it's tough to tough to deal with you just looking at tournament. What they did the Michigan. What they did the Michigan state. It's pretty amazing. How good they are defensively. They protect lane. They keep the ball on his side. They switch things. They just do a great job keeping the ball out of the paint. Making you earn things. Bruce, you guys lost attack on January fifth, and then seventeen days later, you beat him. What did you see in that first game that allowed you to make the adjustments to get the win? The second time around a big thing is we got the in our line of the second one the first one we didn't have. Komo stokes. So, but we played very close. You know, both games even even without team weight and Stokes are two of their starters. It was a one point game at their place going down the stretch. And you know, we we started pretty well to weed limited. What they did our big thing was we had to find ways to score against. And and you know, it's tough you have to you have to change a little bit. If you just do the same thing that you normally do if you're just running straight ball screens and the side they're going to switch him. They're gonna keep it on the side. They're gonna get your state and get you stuck. They're gonna take charges and blocked shots. And so we we made at the season to do some things differently. And and and we guarded him. Really? Well, if you look at the score and the stats, we defended them while. And at that time Chris said, we are the best defensive team in the country. But you know, they definitely are right now playing what was anybody? And you know, you gotta. Give Tony Bennett cradles. So he is you know, he's done. Unbelievable job in both the so the one thing that Virginia does they don't they don't run as many balls screens. And they, you know, a lot of the motion, you know, they got the blocker mover and Tony got kind of tweak from his dad, and it because they went off screen that could have some a little bit of a positive effect for them to be able to score because they you know, the way tech defensive ball screens, probably is the thing that changes games and people are not ready for talking to Kansas state head coach Bruce Weber on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Spain fits obviously, Kansas state share the big twelve regular season title this year with Texas Tech for that's significant because Kansas one fourteen in a row now, you have Texas Tech in the in the championship game. I think a lot of people haven't just been paying enough attention to big twelve basketball. So if you had to define what big twelve. Basketball is for somebody that hasn't been watching throughout the course of the year. How would you define it? Silence. Sickly, you know, year ago, I thought it was the best league ever been part of you know, one through ten are tens were the ones and twos. And and there were there was a lot of talent and experience you had what it was seven eight guys got drafted last year. Now, we lost a lot of people. But you have great coaching. You got you got toughness, you have experienced. But it's been this year has been a little more of a defensive here where we don't have quite the starry power. Obviously cobras really really good got a chance to be a lottery, but we didn't have seven eighty those. So you got great coaching. You gotta find ways to win and people did. And and that was this year was probably more decent than anything. Its benefits they're Spain and Jason Fitz. Talking to Bruce Weber Kansas state head coach they shared the big twelve regular season title with Texas Tech. You mentioned Chris beard earlier, and you recently spoke to him. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of him as a coach in his coaching style. I think he has great passion. You know? He cares. He cares for the kids. He gets a lot out of. I just listened to some of the feedback from their players just talked about his motivation and how they cares about them. Guy. He gets them the play really hard to get them together. The believe in each other. And you know that that's been a key to their success. There's no doubt about it. Coach obviously both of these teams playing for their first ever national title. When you think about it from a coaching perspective. How do you sort of handle adrenaline early in a game? That is this important. You know, I I was fortunate to take my Eleanor team to this to this game. And you know, I think the big thing I thought that the first game the Saturday game was the one that to really control the motions because you just not used to walking out there and see sixty or seventy thousand people, you know, you're just it's just a different thing. And you just don't want to have that moment. You see some of the teams have had that moment where they kinda get through. But you know, I thought all the teams played pretty well on Saturday. Now, it's you know, are you prepared as you can do what you do not try to do things you haven't done in the past. And you know, play you know, move the ball. Don't take the tough shots. Don't may try to make the tough place. Just play basketball the way the way you have all year. And that's why you've had success. And that's why you're there. You know, it it it you talk. I heard your intro at the beginning. They know there's been such. Citing games down to the wire. And you gotta believe this game is going to be the same thing who can make a couple of shots like Texas it the other day, you know, in the gut check part of the game from that six six to two minute minutes left in the game. You know, that's the key who can jump up and make a couple of shots. Both of them have done it so far now who's gonna do tonight. You sound like you're getting close to a prediction. So we're going to ask you. I gotta go guys from my league, Texas Tech. I know Tony since he was actually he was really young. I grew up in Wisconsin newest dad went to camping. And you know, when his dad at camps, and my brother Colo Cookham to fortune of healthy with USA basketball, coach, Katie and Tony was on at Neath. Just unbelievable person. Great. He was a great player. He's a good coach. But right now, I gotta go with loyalty to to our league. And you know, you talked about Kansas and what they've done, and I don't people pay attention to other teams in this league. And Texas Tech is definitely one of them. Coach. Thank you so much for joining us. Congratulations on your own successes. Kansas state. We've received your time. Thank you. Thank you know, Sarah. I I mean, he's absolutely right. Part of this Texas Tech conversation goes because I think we've just been lulled to sleep by the fact that Kansas won it so many. Years in a row, you just sort of presume. That's what's going to happen. And this year there were several teams when you look at the big twelve Texas Tech, Kansas, Kansas, Baylor, Iowa State. They all play really really well some thought that the Texas deserve to be given a little more credit. So, you know, the big twelve is is much of the conversation is dominated. So so often by the ACC the SEC in the big ten Victoria belongs in that conversation as well. The Kansas conversations. A big reason why as you mentioned, and I've said this before, but I still find this fascinating that Texas Tech was picked to finish seventh in the big twelve. The only team in this final four that didn't even get a vote for the AP top twenty five not to mention being in it for that preseason pool. So just the loss of their four starters and the turnover had a lot of people thinking, they wouldn't repeat a run like last year's, and they've really they've they've really surprised a lot of people plea, even though it might not be the marquee. We got our deputies from work, and it was kind of shocking. It was like how can we make this much and still have debt, right? Not to mention zero savings. Anyway, it's a new year. So we decided get our financial house in order. So we met with a financial advisor who dug into our expenses. And he found two things that were killing us..

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