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Really wants you to be why old bags I'm Jeff clay One 18 Mary de pampa in the WTO traffic center All right Ted just watching our crash in the camera shot here on 66 if you're running east bound Adam and NASA you're going to hit the brakes abruptly near the rest area all traffic has come to a stop emergency equipment is now on scene They're working actively to consolidate this crash They're moving all of the vehicles that were on both sides of the road only to the right So right now you're stopped it should be temporary and it appears you may get to the left to get by once they consolidate this crash Again a lot of equipment has shown up to the scene Now farther east on 66 past one 23 that's a work zone they do block a right lane minimal impact yet we're keeping an eye on it Inside of the beltway in 66 heading west toward route 7 we may have a new work crew there watch for any flashing lights ahead On the beltway only one work zone it's on the interleukin and Dale passing gallows road spotted on the right side by our listeners Now in the southern Maryland and speaking with the sheriff and the plate up they're saying now that southbound three O one may want to divert on your own from two 27 with a closure between two 27 and Mitchell road or if you divert it to 27 you would get back on from two 25 Again three O one southbound remaining closed congested and under police direction between two 27 and Mitchell road Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control today for a free inspection triple-A triple-A home or visit home paramount dot com married to pomp and WTO traffic The WTO forecast now from Samara Theodore Low to mid 90s this afternoon muggy conditions a bit with plenty of sunshine today Tomorrow highs in the low.

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