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My lady the house is not gonna let me spend one hundred thirty dollars on a speaker for my golf bag what am i going to do henry well only initiate wet will play golf than crd now cow extent again and then and there are a lot of questions in this country that cost q three times that or one round though uh at the small price of of one twenty nine or adan a kind of on uh maybe less stress midwest strokes uh so we we think our prices is certainly fair and and there's mother uh speaker's out there that uh we definitely be on price and completely exceed on on uh product avery an yanni i can keep my phone charged all the time as well so it's really a phone charger get the phone charger for my golf bags negatives he can play without our you can add is here no i i know that the round hole sixteen seventeen when you're supposed to call in your y your phone better to charged so uh sate with stuff like a navy fail in their at your tag heavy brought heavy brought a full circle right therefore sweep appreciate that i knew i knew he would i know he totally get that because you did a lot of market research obviously not just to find out his something like this was on the market but you had to say if i bring this the market i've gotta be in this price point and i'd got to be able to reach this segment i've got to be able to do this in that and so from a marketing plan that you that you had to put together before you could even finalize the product and really bring it to markets what did you do there all i i bought pretty much every other speaker that was on the market and went through with a friend who's com battery lang lang play time quality well let us functions all that good stuff and listen to i'm an end up of new at some good take away some bad takeaways and just borkman and tweak coduct to meet the good takeaways and remove all the bad here kayce but uh i think we definitely entered into the middle ear.

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