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U n y c fm hd and am new york luke coming up after the news on the bbc world service it's hardtalk with me steven secca in this age of the internet we've come to expect instant access to knowledge but real deep understanding takes longer to acquire and to share my guest today is one of the world's most acclaimed novelist nobel prize winner orhan pamuk he's lived almost all of his life in istanbul writing stories about turkey which have over decades painted a vivid picture of a country and society pooled between east and west past and future what is the key to understanding or hand the panel of turkey we have a lot of reparation of separation people says sensor but people's selfcensor in interviews in political comments you go fast the jail if you criticise the government too much if the air the one too much may end up in ajay that's or hung lok on hardtalk after the news hello and jerry smith with the bbc news the people of iraqi kurdistan the voting in the referendum on independence organized by the revolution of government while men queuing to vote said the kurds have been waiting 100 years for this day peter galbraith is a former us ambassador and an advisor to the kurdistan regional government this really is the culmination of a century long dream by the kurds to have their own state it also comes at a time when the leadership of iraqi kurdistan people who've been struggling since the '70s and '80s are reaching the end of their careers of so this is just a huge moment and it's very emotional bondstone if is the votes may spunk finish conflict baghdad's has reacted with anger asking countries to stop buying oil from the government beal neighboring iran and turkey both of which have kurdish minorities have protested turkey says it will view the referendums outcome as null and void tom they've been is at a polling station here in the regional capsule bill votes his continue to finance of one of the biggest polling stations here has been really in this city a mood of celebration even before the polls open many people believe that this is the greatest opportunity and generations to push ahead with their national aspirations for an independent code is stunned some which they believe being brutally quashed in the past bought this vote is deeply controversial it has been met with condemnation from.

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