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If finally got sort of formalizing idea so maybe just really quickly for every listening because i know people you kind of use refractory and just changing your code to be better and maybe adding features and whatnot at while you're doing it as interchangeable so maybe just quickly give us like a definition of reacting so call me factoring has pretty much the process of restructuring existing computer code so that's pretty much meaning changing their factoring without changing its external behavior and also improves to nonfunctional attributes off the software so from the outside it should appear as if it didn't change but you might change the way the algorithm is implemented or something to that effect ray yeah pretty much changing that he signed like improving the design of it but without changing the functionality of what your software supposed to deal book that kind of announced that was martin fowler's book and you talked a little bit about that in the air and talk as well it i just looked it up it was published in 1999 me i mean that's like height of dotcom boom days right it's it seems pretty far down the line for when that came came into existence yeah but this is kind of like an out of five all furry factoring in a lot of ways i feel it's like a star of discussion but in a way a lot of those principles can still be applied to other languages and in other situations so i would really like to use this book as like an introduction to what we factoring means but later on in the podcast i think was also touch on python might not need that many of these be factoring patterns ryan so one of the things that was interesting you're so there's a lot of stuff that came around the same time so martin fowler's refectory and concepts we had kent back and i think maybe martin voller is also participating out with sort of extreme programming period programming we had the whole design patterns and the gang of four book there were some really interesting foundational ideas a bruin in that time and.

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