Jock Peterson, Dr. Seuss, Tommy Fam discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


I do not like green eggs and fam. Little Dr. Seuss. I do not like them say in my hair. There's jock Peterson. I will not eat them in a box. Offering up green eggs and fam. Eat them in the batter. Okay, there we go. Number four, this is a good one. Two fam, too furious. Okay. I like the avatar there as well. Good Photoshop there. Our Jordan and Sean and Hoskins are working very well here. All right, top three, here we go. Top three NFL three. Fantasy team names are fantasy team names. Number three, silence of the fams, there he is. Here's Tommy fam behind the mask there, huh? Very good. Silence of the fams. Right there. Now you're going to the top two. Top two. This is good. I don't know what the avatar is for this one, but wham bam, thank you fam. They're all very good. Oh, man. He's part of the rat pack. Very good. Wham bam, thank you, fam. Very good. Jamie Davis loving his does love it. You slap jock? Sammy loves it. Then number one, the top NFL fantasy team name for Tommy Pham. This is an easy one. Fam goes the dynamite. Hey. There it is. There you go on local TV avatar. Fam goes the dynamite. Hopefully.

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