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The rookie out of mississippi we won't see him in training camp whatsoever but i do think slaughters play merit some attention here that especially the way he played the tonight chicago finished the game with 23 first downs the broncos had fourteen uh chicago rushed for one hundred seventy three yards and thirty six carries twenty six carries for the broncos for one oh six twenty one of thirty seven for the bears throwing the football seventeen of twenty two for the broncos berson set a hundred ninety yards net impasse he 175 for the broncos total yours 360 three for chicago to eighty one for the broncos time of possession a little bit of an edge to chicago thirty to thirty eight for the bears twenty seven twenty two for the broncos individuals stats as we mentioned daniel henderson seven carries for fifty four yards including that game winning forty one yard scamper uh cg anderson sort of the game for the broncos five curious for twenty one yards cutting damn ford the bears seven curious for forty one yards this bitty cutting him uh he lied chicago in that department trevor simeon started the game for the broncos he was six of seven for fifty one yards pacts the lynch came on and was 6 of 9 for forty two yards the game finally finished by cow slaughter we were just talking about slopes loader finished 5 of six for ninety four yards one touchdown doug locker room head coach vance josep joins me fans as dave logan well the stood there saw that game kind of exciting to see some of your young beauts out there playing the way they did what what couple of things pop into your mind where those guys may play thirty three one they may plays all in all training even eighty four and it seemed route so i won surprise does go three kids at play well account i i made the point before you got on the chris harris junior talking to tell the columbus was was talking about the game at you he said the same thing he said you know what i've seen thirty three and one take those plays a lot of paraphrasing now but he pointed out by number those two guys so those two guys have made some place for.

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