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In the Viner's blink for Lehigh valley. Neutrals on face. It went Sara Lee came in on bass lust, you'll leave for Strommen need just bats it down the nearside length of the Panthers go right to left in the first aeronautic blythedale regroup by the Florida. Fifty five seconds left of the penalty of the middle heads Morgan across the blind Bergstrom left point equa shoot by Vasyl. Laskey dropped the rebound momentarily. Eddie founded fortunately for him before who saw the puck Hubert. Oh was standing right at the top of the crease. He was. Hedman had him though. He dropped the puck a little bit. But. Celeski made the save. Forty eight seconds. Sorry fell face off to the right of vessel. Espy the cannon Stevens. One by Mitchell. Stevens Stroman jammed behind the net got block, but it does pinball back to Stephen's trying to get it out blocking an egg. Glad in the Panthers hold it in McCain left point, a pass pinballs though too strong Joseph vice but he was just trying to clear it's a win over Joseph steak down the ice and on Riber rival poke the puck in the near corner. One thing I noticed fell during these early preseason penalty kills when the lightning better chance to pressure up ice they've done so very effectively despite the six power play goals allowed equa dumps it in its knocked down by Chernick at Tempur blocked by Bergstrom. It came in on vassal asking Bork's from has it back. Henrik Bork stroke, right circle. Ten of the penalty Borgstroem for Morgan high slot. Set point Matheson, Matheson, angles left point a shock is blocked in the flex out of play three seconds left. In the corn penalty five eighteen remaining a scoreless. First we'll have a face off to the right of Leschi shorts are. Ten five. They've got two shots of his power play. Because there were three. That's right. Yeah. So they counted the Trojan shot was the one for neck one. Must've been just on the short. Look why the Kenzi and stamp goes is time is almost up to the penalty. Kind of tie Panthers. Win.

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