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A. R. news expansion fifteen minutes of commercial free nonstop news traffic and weather starts now wanting in for Jim sharp I'm Jeff mine it's eight o'clock and we're following a number of stories for you at this hour a warning that some of the toys kids got for Christmas may have led in them that story's coming up but first we had a White Christmas and more rain is on the way to the valley with our top story in for Jamie Westridge Kevin Christopher the valley so a soggy Christmas Eve and Christmas day and we have more rain coming in tonight and tomorrow Katie airs Jim crosses an updated joins us live in the news center yeah Kevin's Garber almost a quarter of an inch of rain yesterday that's what it's Christmas in Phoenix since nineteen ninety four first rain we've had a Christmas since eight beyond Hernandez of the national service says more rain I will arrive later the seat right now the nexus seven is moving into California and that will continue to push east to make its way into Phoenix sometime after five PM to nine in the rain will continue into Friday and as far as holiday travel goes tonight into tomorrow right into the weekend in fact in northern Arizona challenging conditions get your travel done that today if possible other services Blackstaff could see another ten inches of snow from tonight into Friday Haber show eight inches some places like forest lakes pine strawberry up to a foot of new snow expected one of the listener jump across KTA our news now let's see how things are going on the road it's the day after Christmas when not everybody's had to work but they're probably a lot of people heading different places Danny.

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