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Important basic. i'm. I'm in a different soda by six bike. Success by six five weeks ago it's five. Am on sunshine with the dog. And i'm very very worried about the new book. We just going very well. What if it doesn't sell what of now on likes right a minute principles here. You focused on process not outcome business. You on the process and the outcome will come. I said i'm strike back home. Started to work out all the on. The today is a book the slide age. That's another one. I'll just do that. I'll just five minutes more that fi bins. Moore's the difference jeans amazing once you start to do five minutes more becomes ten minutes more nagoya chief the most amazing things so i called basic principles that sounds so entrepreneurial but what does know about having a job. I pull family. My father always said dowd. Expect to get five coming from a poor family. It'll be like the judges doctors and these wealthy paper on the other side of town but he said just be an honest hard worker but the but this big depression mike come again and you wanna have saif secure job so i joined the bank of new south wiles because that was australia's oldest company. I figured that was going to be safe. And when into the bank my whole goal was to become a bank accountant which was number. Two of a branch knows is after about six months quickly became to become a bank manager. As i wasn't as dumb as i thought that was that was rushed. Still going i think having a job is no longer say things you can lose it anytime. But the ability to create value and exchange that value for money is safer than any degree certificate. I have and i have two master's degrees enough about me..

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