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And when we say torture, we don't take that lightly. We drop them slammed him against the wall and shake them and then expect them to run without an extra decibel in our Aniko X Sound chamber without fail, Drop, Slam shake silence Drop Slam shit silence and there's no end in sight. We test so it runs. That's why it's hard to stop a train. And I was talking about heading up north. Little snow flurries supposed to see snow all the way down. Maybe a slow down his black Canyon City road trip. I'm excited about heading up north and maybe dropping and visit are our good friends up a calf radio out of Flagstaff. We're on their broadcasting. You can listen to our flagship station K J R all the way up past Black Canyon City up on top of Sunset Point Just you begin to drop down in the Verde Valley up. Uh, The following ridge and up vice Approaching months Park. It's up, Then you just switch over to caf 93.5 FM Am 9 30. It's worth the legends. We were on the station where legends of country live. Now why you're taking that little road trip to Flagstaff? Uh, I I definitely have some favorite restaurants and flag. To, uh, for a good burger. It's I think it's really, really hard just to beat Bun huggers has been there forever. Definitely long, but we've had many, many burgers that bun huggers, and they've got good burgers and flags that mama burgers another great one. I like Beaver Street Brewery. They have a good burger to go with a raspberry ale. The only place I'll have a fruit beer. The only place that was the first place we were remodeling a home just west of the City Hall. Old historical and I took the crew for dinner one night. Somebody ordered a fruited beer. And that was the first time I did. Did you order that with an umbrella? I'm the mic denk of beer. You don't fruit beer, You know that Used to be one of the best commercials. You don't fruit. It Uh, but Beaver Street does have a nice all right. I did get in touch with the one the only Steve Poser, a calf and also the guy that keeps everybody on the air Chris Barber, and they love to go to lunch at fat olives for Italian food. Okay, if they do a good deal more so, you know, when I'm up there, he likes to take me to Josephine's. How can you be Josephine's? That's a great local and also for pizza. DiMarco's apparently is very famous. In fact, they're famous pizza is named after me. What is it? It's called the Gary Special, but it's one or I spell mine with too. OK, so if I can convince him to put another or I can lie that it's felt okay, but it's a loaded pizza, and it's supposed to be he delicious and don't leave out 18 99 bar and Grill right there by campus. It's right on campus. Yeah, right next to the, uh Hotel. Well, right next to a jury. And But what do you What do you call the main building? All the kids go to on campus Admin the union you? No, thank you. I've lost 80 99 Bar and grill. That's great. It was actually started as a part of the home. The, uh Hospitality industry of the of the campus. So you're Flagstaff. There's some of our favorites and thanks devotion and thank you. Speaking of driving down 17, man. All right. I got to meet the songwriter of this song, and I asked him. I said, tell me that you were driving down the road and you just came up with this idea, And he said That's exactly yet. You know, most songwriters are going No, I was having a piece of one day, right? Right? Yeah. Pepperoni gave me the idea..

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