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And and then you know of course looking into other crypto currencies to make sure that the the users that you know sort of the active community of cryptocurrency enthusiast still feel like they're they have a home on purse with the currency that they they wanna use one thing i've wondered about so let's take a coin like minero for example i love minero i love the concept i think there's an addressable market that's really big for going like that but i don't really see minero ever getting listed on coin base or now circle with i mean it's already on polonia maybe that's around is but how are these like big regulated entities going to like your guys included do you ever see yourself implementing minero compatibility given that it's an honest and it's hard to trace and maybe that you know brings up tax questions and illicit activities questions or have you guys thought about that or we do have to think about what we can't like thir so we don't actually you can't buy bitcoin on purse because then we'd be regulated as an exchange right and so we have to think in terms of which other cryptocurrencies we may support we have to think about that exchange to because then if you actually can trade bitcoin for jordan coin right will then are we in exchange there and how does how does that impact the regulatory environment how does that impact our users also you can connect up shapeshifts and technically by on purse with whatever other cryptocurrency want by by making that connection but i think for the most part the company position is to try to avoid the politics as much as we can because we wanna make cryptocurrency useful we want that to be a sort of a very inclusive mission of different people in the community that are you know you mentioned roger very like he's a he's an investor of purse and he's like everyone knows he's like really into bitcoin cash.

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