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The words that came out one could say that you you know you can't blame joseph smith for coming up with the stupid names that he came up with within the book of mormon considering what he read in the bible anyway true enough okay so his friends come over and basically immediately like the first thing they do is they weep with him and they they're quiet and they sit with him for several days because he's it's just so he's in such torment that they can just see the sorrow it's not cool to that's nice that's great then somebody starts talking is it from is it sad fab juba job yes it is from job three for about a thousand million pages what we get for the rest of this book is people fucking lecturing this man and it's unreadable right it's fucking unreadable the job finally says he's says after this job opened his mouth and cursed the days of his the day of his birth he said may the day of my birth perish and the night that said a conceived that day may turn to darkness who he said he basically just starts wishing he had never been born or yeah wow okay i don't blame you yeah i've been some dark places yeah i've never cursed the was born yeah i mean but i mean the night is young that's true who knows you get some boils you'll lose all of your people have boils on the bottoms of my feet i'm probably gonna curse the day i was born yeah yeah i mean finally for a meal i might curse the day i was born basically all of job three is him complaining and and just basic i mean and i think he has every right to shoring he's basically basically says things like why did i not perish at birth and die is i came from the womb why were their knees to receive me and breasts that i might be nursed for now i would be lying down in peace i get it right everything that the man loved loved was taken from him on a day in a day and then he fucking got like rabid herpes or something so fine and then his buddies start in ella fast team night the termite start saying think how you instruct i mean so he starts out nice he's like think how you of instructed many how how you have strengthened feeble hands your words of supported those who stumbled you have strengthened faltering knees but now trouble comes to you and you are discouraged it strikes you and are dismayed now fuck fucking dude none of the people that he was comforting went through this because nobody's ever gone through like this is like imagine the friend you have that's been through the worst tragedy they've ever can you of their lives you show up and you're like quit your bitching right what is your deal dude right suck it up buttercup dude it's it's all going to be fine and that's basically like from now on it's just jobs saying and i'll say some exact quotes i despise my own life or later later i love my loathe my very life and and then other they're his buddies saying things like blessed are the ones blessed is the one whom god corrects so do not despise the discipline of the almighty don't hate these things this is such this is you know when people who have children who have you know diseases or ailments and good christians will come to him and say you know what you're so blessed so here it is the lord never gives you anything yeah that you can't handle a cough fuck off god the lord gave me satan to ruin my life specifically right with the.

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