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Seen it on youtube inquiry Perry playing drums. Just hello Mary Bay playing drums. Rick Asli Sat and there she is banging drums away. Age Eighty three or some gone. And I'm excited about this deep voice and Georgia's recast coming up on the table manners Hi I'm ready unjustice Numb so excited to me you re Casler Thank you for coming over. Fatih absolute pleasure lots of vehicles. So it's it's kind of a nice down there. Yeah it kind of feels nice to be having tea with you ladies this afternoon already done Lake TV thing up in eating already. Even eating morning think of eating. We didn't actually eat lots of his. We tasted a lot of wonderful things. Yes Nice is really good. You're going to have a glass of bubbly bubbly drink. I'll have a big glass of wine. Dr Yaldo twice. Obviously if you go to a wedding or a function a do you get served something bubbly I do. Obviously I'm not drink that Mike his favorite thing no and all our friends like the proper friends they know they just immediately put that back in the book. It and you know what we have. I always drink wine really red or white. I love beer still as well. I'm a real big. I have a half my wife's from Denmark from Copenhagen and Danish Company got mickle called and it so turns out the mickle. Who is Michaela was a bit of a fan of mine when he was a kid and he said I want to may be so we've made to and any day now we're getting the third one so yes pills in a logger? We've got the doing amber royal. Now they do. I've been on a bit of an exploration with them those guys because we've been to Belgium and stuff and tasted some really unusual thing. danish-based like blonde bears. They can be anything not necessarily know. The whole Danish Heineken dot cash cash. All my words calls is what you're after can. There's a massive tradition. Obviously all over Europe. We'd be and we all have our own way of thinking thinking about it and everything. But this is like kraft. Bruin is a totally different thing and they've got buyers all over the world like we got one in Tokyo that we we've actually actually being. So which believe it or not as Rick Ashley Toilet so the only music they not in the bar you go in the bathroom. It's just yeah. Yeah Yeah but usually never gonNA give you up but yeah so that was. We had to go to that bar. We've been to a few got. I mean they're all over Europe as well in different places so they opened. They wanted to open a bar in London. And we're we're involved in that my wife and I and everything the first bar is in writing. Why can't every time we do a cost? He's a well. I'm big on big on cats. We had an a sister not with US anymore anymore. They passed last year and we had them for twenty years. Wow and he's like well. You know the part of the family so it's really what if what are they called Charlie and sky. So Y- was it was kind of really hard to we had to have them put down in the not the same. Yeah yeah it was really really do you come from originally from I was born in Lancashire. Are you old much of what we do. Know what. We're going to overruns spurs all right. Okay we'll forgiving for that. He's says you know what I was still thinking as the underdog even though I know I know exactly what you mean. Twelve hundred think about it right. It's not good right now on growing up. What did you want to be did you? You won't be insane. I think did want to be a singer. I used to play drums when I was probably fifteen on first trumpcare ever at school and I just loved left it and I knew I was going to love it and I. I don't know really. I got into a band with some friends and we would definitely not the cool kids not by a long stretch. Well we had covers to be honest. Well happen to you. You went from being a drummer to them. Being elite singer kind of did the as a favor. It seems like no I did. I did a couple of things once or twice for instance one of my best friends who was in a band with. He's stepped up had a band and their lead singer when they were doing like the clubs around Christmas just lost their voice so I stepped in and did it for them I was seventeen or eighteen. Eighteen is something like that. Yeah no singing like rock and roll songs and stuff but it was an amazing experience and it also kind of frighten me a little bit and thought. Wow that's really tough because doing the club circuits. It's tough it's not like you know what I mean. It's not like doing. It's just a totally listening all know for sure. But then how does Pete Waterman then we'll simply because we have some guys look after us in terms of management and they knew it was getting serious. Yeah well they actually managed a lot of people for instance who were on coronation street and things like that and Gordon Burns used to the experts so they would have been more. TV Than They were rock rock and roll. Let's say but they did have some bonds and one of them other connections Pete. Waterman got him to come to see our end and a few other bands. What was your Panchal That time we were called. FBI Because Nettie Guitar Player we started. The band was a shadows freak and so he the Black Strat and everything and he wanted to so were his thing for younger viewers on the Internet right. Jeff explain that cliff Richard in the chateau what is backing and they did a particular walk indeed they they.

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