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Was actually quite a lot of time and space to to do. Those new can write quite well in the Dome Car with your laptop prompt up on your knees and and every once in a while you can have a scenic view and then you can have another scenic view and then you hit the prairies. And it's forty forty hours of some more rapid across the prairies. Yes sorta go quite fast but then you go up the rocky mountains you wind up and up and down down your relationship with technology is just fascinating to me. I you have somewhere in the I. I don't know how many million twitter followers this point but do you remember how how you I embrace that that technology don't think embrace quite the word word of learned about so yes. I was building a website for a novel of mine called Near the flood was just after the big financial meltdown. So I thought what. I think I better do this. Because the publishers are running around screaming and they're they're fewer in number than they they once were so I actually built a website for that book and did a A launch that was a musical and dramatic Nick and Conservation Fund. Raising launch was peculiar But it lends itself to that because of the flood there. There are a number of God's gardeners hymns so we can. We can have a musical note which we did and the people building the website said you need to have a twitter feed and I said what is that and they said Oh. It's this new thing. It's really easy we will show you how to do it so actually had a twitter coach. I called McLean graves. He he is unfortunately no longer with us but he was nearly a twitter user. ne-near quite a lot about it. Any he helped get rid of the for other. They're people who were purporting to be me. There were tweeting. These really saw things that I would never tweet. I mean they weren't being unpleasant but they were being very sugary and so it could not be they had to go. What's the ratio of of sort of positive twitter experiences versus the guy who came on to try and explain the handmaid's tale to you in your replies? I don't consider without a negative experience. I consider it a learning experience for him. The I think his intentions were the best. He just didn't happen to realize that I had written embarrassing up. I think mostly positive for me because it's just don't I've gotten into a few what are called flame wars but not very many. Is there a new generation of leadership that has engaged with you primarily through that medium. I don't know because I because I can't ask each and every one of them How did you come to this book? I think quite frankly a lot of them have have been introduced. It is to my work in in high school because it goes to be taxed. I was kind of horrified. Broke fight by that when I first found out about it because you know this is a pretty rough book in some ways in Shirley these young people it might be too young for it but apparently not and then I think of what I was reading when I was that age. Okay They can read it. I've been handed a car. That simply says Cuna which means that. It's your turn I think what we're going to do. Excuse me I think we're we're going to do and somebody correct me if I'm wrong is we're going to take questions on note cards. So right him hand him out to the ushers who are going to be going down the aisles. I have some here. We'll get some more and we'll get to it quite imbo ready. Got Quite quite a few. These were just the emailed ones. And there's going to be more. What is your favorite Ursula? K League Win Story or novel well acquainted view of them. A I'm quite partial to the earth. Seen trilogy yeah I understand. It's a different kind of book from the left hand of darkness which is pretty keen on. I I I did a An retrospect to peace about her for the New York Review Books Awhile back which like go you through some of these books but also this burst of creativity that she had She she wrote those very close is together. They're quite it's quite amazing. This is signed a young writer. Dear Margaret How do you silence your inner critic Eric. Okay here's how nobody is going to see what you write on your pieces of paper unless you allow them to so just do it. That inner critic should not be in the room with you when you were doing that. Writing the inner critic can come along later when you're revising but when you're first writing it's just issue it's the it's the page it's the ideal raider and a you can always throw it out if you don't like it. This is a question about the future. Tur- Library Project mature involved which is absolutely. It's such a brilliant. Such a brilliant idea. What what is it like to write a novel? That won't be read for one hundred years. Okay so I don't tell you about the Future Library of Norway Project which you can find online future library dot and Oh and it's the brainchild of conceptual artists called Katie Paterson who is Scottish. And she works. Twa Slow time projects so the venture in Library of Norway. A forest has been planted Norway that will grow for a thousand four hundred in years and in each year of that one hundred years a different rider from around the globe in different languages will submit met a secret manuscript two copies only and nobody else gets to read it and it has to be made of words no images so can be a word can be a poem it can be of noble it can be a short story it can be Diarrhea can be a letter. Can Be anything made of words and you're not allowed to tell what it is you can tell the title in the name of the author that's of in the hundred year. The boxes will be opened and enough trees. This will be cut from the forest that will grown to make the paper to print the Future Library of Norway and when we launch this in two thousand fourteen it got a lot of interest because it's such a hopeful project of it assumes there will be a Norway that the trees will have grown. There will be a library. There will be people people will be able to read in. The people will be interested in reading and those just one great big huge ball of hope right there so so what was it like. Yeah I think there are two kinds of writers kind that would say. Are you out of your mind. I'm not gonNA write anything can't publish now and then there's the other it kind. Who has children buried things in jars in the backyard and that would be me just thinking that maybe somebody in the future would get a thrill thrill of digging them up? So I've always been interested in archaeology and I'm quite thrilled whenever somebody discovers the new the something or other that they that they've dug up So I said yes immediately and I said there's something you need to add to this. Mix Awesome that would be our Kabul paper because otherwise they'll open. The box will be just little shreds like my copy of South Pacific right now now completely decayed So so I took it on and what was it like to do it well. Well it's like writing in general. It's just that the interval is somewhat longer so when you're writing anything anything there's always a gap between you writing it and somebody else reading it. That's just the way writing is not like being an opera singer in which the audience and the person doing the art are in the same place at the same time so with writing. You're always in a different place in a different sprint time. So other than that she Katie wanted the whatever whatever you wrote to have something to do with time and something to do with words. That's the only constraint the other constraint was the you have to go to Norway with the with this box go through customs or I was afraid they were going to say. What's the bugs? And then I'd have to say I'm not allowed to tell you that then I would get arrested. I could not think of a better question to end on. What is your favorite bird and place to go birding? Well now my favorite bird is probably either the raven the most intelligent of birds or the or the loon. The most haunting of birds. Sounds you WANNA sample now. Please okay. We'll just do the eerie call. That echoes through the twilight. When one loon is trying to contact another loon.

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